Creating A Solid Foundation – On Your Face!

Creating A Solid Foundation – On Your Face!

Modern foundation is a far cry from the clumpy, cakey foundation our mothers used to wear, but you would hardly know it sometimes due to the fact that so few of us know how to really do our foundation well. If you’re a foundation fan, and you want to avoid the caked-on face and look as flawless as a cover model, here are some simple makeup artist approved tips to help you do your foundation like a pro:

Find The Perfect Match: First and foremost, if you want your foundation to look good, you need to choose the right product. To test the color of foundation, you should apply a sample to the jawline. If the color blends in and cannot be distinguished from the rest of your skin, you know you’ve got it right.

As well as choosing the right color, you will want to use the right type of foundation for your skin. For example, matte products work better for oily skin, while drier skin may benefit from a dewy finish. To find out more about choosing the right foundation for your skin type, continue reading on It might also be a good idea to try out a few samples or speak to a beauty adviser to find the perfect match.

Prepare Your Skin: You should never put foundation on your face without first cleaning and moisturizing it. Let the moisturizer sink into your skin for 3-5 minutes and then you can add a primer if you need your makeup to last all day or if you have very visible pores. If not, you can skip that and apply your foundation directly to your face.

Use The Right Tools: You might be surprised to know that makeup artists advise applying foundation with the tips of the fingers for a light coverage look. If you want to achieve a higher level of coverage, using a sponge or Beautyblender, which you can read more about at is advised. Throw out that brush right now and see your foundation improve!

Apply Concealer Last: If, like many women, you always apply your concealer before your foundation, you’re doing it wrong! The experts say that it’s better to apply it after foundation because then you won’t end up using too much. Makeup artists also advise using a concealer that is just one shade lighter than your skin. Doing it this way will help to prevent reverse panda eyes – not a good look.

Use A Luminous Powder: If you’ve been avoiding face powder because you think it gives you a dull, lifeless finish, then you obviously haven’t tried out luminous powder, which is perfect for reflecting the light and giving you a radiant glow. The trick is to apply the translucent powder in a ‘W’ shape starting from your left hairline, sweeping to the right. Hello, bright and pretty skin!

Less Is More: One final tip when it comes to foundation, concealer, powder, or any makeup really, is that less is more and by applying only the bare minimum that you need, you will always get that professional look you’re after.

A gorgeous makeup look starts with a strong foundation on your face! Try out these tips next time you’re doing your makeup for a picture perfect appearance.

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