Hard To Say Goodbye: How To Teach Your Dog To Spend The Day Without You

Hard To Say Goodbye: How To Teach Your Dog To Spend The Day Without You

We all know how much of a commitment it is to bring a new dog into your home. They need a great deal of care, affection, exercise, and training. A puppy can be an incredible addition to your home, but you definitely have to be ready not only for the work involved in looking after them but also the changes that you may well have to make in your life to fit around them. In that way, having a puppy is a lot like having kids since you now have a whole new set of priorities that you have to think about when you’re deciding how to spend your days and nights.

Of course, there is always going to come a time when you’re going to want to go somewhere without your furry friend (Crazy, I know.). It could be going to work or simply going for some drinks with friends. This can be seriously difficult for a lot of people because many dogs really don’t like being left alone. So does that mean you have to be either trapped in your house or take your puppy everywhere you go? Fortunately (or unfortunately) not! Here are some things that you can do to make spending time alone a little easier for your puppy:

Ease Them Into It: The worst possible thing that you can do is to just disappear for hours the very first time you leave your dog alone. They will almost certainly become very upset and that can lead to things like broken furniture and some seriously unpleasant accidents. If you want to start introducing your dog to the idea of spending time without you, then you need to do it gradually. Ease them into the idea of being alone. You may even want to start with something as simple as shutting the door on them and waiting outside for a few minutes. Over time you can increase how long you stay away until they’re used to keeping themselves entertained for decent amounts of time.

Give Them Things To Occupy Them: Speaking of entertainment, even if your puppy doesn’t get very upset when you leave, the other major risk is that they are going to end up being extremely bored! You will want to make sure that there are things around the house to occupy your puppy’s attention and prevent them from wreaking havoc throughout the house, like chewing furniture and knocking over lamps. Companies like http://tuftoys.com are fantastic, because you can rest assured that your pup isn’t going to chew through their toy before you get back. This means that they’ll have something to occupy themselves with all day long.


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Play With Them as Much as Possible Before You Go: The last thing you want is to leave your dog at home with too much excess energy. Sure, a dog is going to have plenty of energy no matter what but if you can give them a decent amount of play and exercise before you go anywhere, they are that much more likely to feel relaxed, and they may even sleep for a lot of the day. Take them for a long walk, play with their favorite toy, or do some intense training before you go and you can make sure that they don’t feel bottled up and trapped while you’re gone.

Saying goodbye is hard – ESPECIALLY when it’s to your dog! These tips will help make the transition easier for both of you until you can be reunited again (and it will be beautiful!).

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