To The Man At Oil Change Place

To The Man At Oil Change Place

Okay, so if you’re following me on Facebook, then I’m sure you have seen some of my posts regarding Man At Oil Change Place – AKA, Don. This guy is awesome. He’s so funny and kind and his first words to me were “you could scratch my back from across the street with those nails” because of my long ass talons, lol. Not only is he someone who makes killing time at the auto body shop enjoyable, but he is also my windshield wiper guardian angel because he gave me free windshield wipers after I told him that my torn and old as dirt wipers were okay. He had them installed without me knowing and it was only when I was driving home in the rain that I realized what he did (and you better believe I called him to thank him!).

Anyways, my dad just got off the phone with the shop to schedule an oil change for my mom and apparently he spoke with Don. Their conversation went as follows:

  • Don: Is this Sarah with an H’s dad?
  • Dad: Yeah.
  • Don: You have some daughter.
  • Dad: Yeah, she’s something!

And I’m not sure why but as soon as my dad told me about this, I started to cry. The thing is, is that this man who works at the shop has literally only seen me looking a hot mess. The three times that I’ve been in the shop have been no makeup days and I essentially look like I’ve just rolled out of bed. So, to me, this means that this employee genuinely enjoys my company and conversation rather than just the way I look.

I know it sounds cocky, but sometimes I feel like the only reason why people even give me the time of day is because of my outer appearance. Sometimes, I feel like no one ever cares to get to know the actual person behind the red hair, red lips, talon nails, and piercings. So, to have someone compliment my father on who his daughter is as a person and not an object felt really good because that’s something that just never happens.

Don took what little information he knows about my life, job, etc. and pieced together that I was somebody worth getting to know even though he has never seen me looking dolled up before. He used our witty banter and chats that had nothing to do with anything, like trading in the waiting room Keurig for a margarita machine as grounds for reason that I’m an okay person. Like I said, this rarely happens and, for once, somebody gave me the time of day without any alterations to my outer appearance and they liked what they saw. I can’t get over how good this made me feel and all I want to do is drive to the shop and hug the guy and he would probably have no idea how happy his remarks made me feel.

Yes, it’s a little thing, but Don remembered me enough to point out to my dad that he has a cool daughter. And after the week that I’ve been having, I really really needed that. So, here’s to you, Don. Can’t wait to see you next time the Little Red Love Machine needs some work done! I LOVE YOU!

Has anyone ever had their day turned around by a kind word? What would you say to the person who helped make you feel better? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah


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  1. Don seems like a wonderfully kind person. I don’t run into many of these people, however, I try to be that person to others. I work in a poker room and deal with gambling addicts, alcoholics and just generally lonely people. I always tell someone they have a lovely smile, or when they say they’re losers I tell them they’re winners even if they’re constantly losing. I try to be that uplifting person, that person who helps brighten someone else’s day. It’s a win win because I feel good making someone else feel good. 🙂 Thank you for sharing this uplifting story of your day.


  2. I love your appreciation of Don;s kindness…I am not surprised he sees what a beautiful spark you have,,,it glows from inside you…makeup on or not!! love you!


  3. Don seems like an amazing guy! Plus he is a great judge of character! While yes you are beautiful and have a rocking style you are just as beautiful and rocking on the inside! You are one of the sweetest kindest most supportive bloggers I have the pleasure of knowing plus your wit makes it so fun to talk to you! I really hope one of these days we meetbin person! Maybe forcoffee and some toepicking! So much love to you sweets!😘💗


  4. In an age when scores of men are turning away from intimate relationships with women thanks to radical feminism this guy is a keeper. Unlike most men he is attracted to a woman’s True inner Beauty as opposed to the artifical exterior the majority of today’s females use to cover up their I nervous ugliness and entrap unwary males who focus only on what they can see on the outside.

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