Give A Little Love To Man’s Best Friend

Give A Little Love To Man’s Best Friend

Sharing your life with  a dog is probably one of the best things on earth. If you are a dog person, man’s best friend is not said lightly. Dogs really are a part of the family who reward you with love, loyalty, and companionship regardless of the type of person you are, or what kind of mood you are in. They forgive us for forgetting to feed them on time, not wanting to take them out for a walk if it’s raining, and not finding humor in getting mud tracked all over the house. Our dogs give us so much in so many subtle ways, so here is a quick look at how you can say thank you in return, the dog way:

Take Them For a Run: Depending on the type of dog you have, it is likely that running is one of the best things on earth to them. It can be hard to change the routine of a quick couple of sprints around the block but make some time to get out into a huge space where your hound can run around without fear or care of anything else.

The woods is an amazing place for most dogs. Here, they have the freedom to really stretch out their legs and their senses. Dogs adore getting their nose in among all the action. They communicate with other dogs through scent marking and smell so being out in the woods will give them hundreds of stories being told to them in midair. Whilst it’s important to keep your dog under control at all times, try not to keep calling him back to you all the time. You are part of his pack and most dogs will want to keep you on the radar. Just bare in mind that some dogs have a pretty large radar range!

After all that running, let him enjoy sleeping like a king. Dogs love a good nap so invest in something special, like one of these orthopaedic dog beds. Not only will he feel safe and content, but you’ll know that you are helping to ease any aches and pains.



Play All Day: Just like humans, your dog loves playing. Water is a brilliant place to play, maybe not so much for baths, but rivers, lakes, and seas offer a dog a vast new place to explore. Find a local water spot and, if you are brave enough, wear an outfit that you don’t mind getting wet with. Your friend will love nothing more than playing with you –  Splashing, jumping, and fetching balls until it’s time to dry off and go home.

Teach Them Tricks: Happy dogs are dogs who are learning, Especially puppies. They adore making you happy so performing tasks for you and receiving praise and love puts them in their happy place. Have a look at these cool tricks you can learn with your dog and set aside plenty of time with your new pupil. Make sure that you are extra patient with him just as your BFF is with you.

Treat Time: And, of course, your pup loves a good treat. Get creative with dog treats and put lots of love into them. You can even bake your own wheat free cheese biscuits then sit down together for snack time – with human snacks for you, hopefully!

Featured Image By: Jaymantri

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