A New Doggy Friend: The Importance Of Training

A New Doggy Friend: The Importance Of Training

Make no mistake, when you invite a dog into your home, you’re inviting an entirely different species. Dog behavior is different than ours, and it is necessary for us to coexist. Training is one of the most important elements when it comes to raising a pup. It will form the basis of your relationship and will ensure a caring and fun life together.

Where Do You Start? Dogs are dogs, and we should embrace their spirit and instinct. This should be rewarded with regular treats and praise. However, destructive behavior must be dealt with in a caring but firm manner. Crate training is often seen as a good place to start. Crates can be purchased from sites such as http://indestructibledogtoys.org/dog-crates/. Introducing your puppy to them at an early age will provide them with an area of their own. Add some toys and blankets to the crate so that it feels safe and inviting. This is a place that your dog can go to if there are loud bangs or fireworks outside, etc. Crates can also help when it comes to toilet training. Confining your dog to a crate will train them to hold their bladder until you take them outside or go for a walk.



Lots Of Love: Dogs, like humans, are social animals. They need others around them. Therefore, providing your dog with lots of love and attention will help them grow into happy, healthy pets. Just as they need to learn your ways, you will also need to adapt to their likes and behaviors. Dogs are essentially pack animals and will act accordingly.

Take them for regular walks and let them play with their favorite toys. Find ways to make it as fun as possible. Sites like huffingtonpost.com have lots of suggestions. Don’t leave them alone for long periods but let them understand your absence in short bursts. At first, get them used to you leaving the room for five or ten minutes and build up from there. Once they realize that you’re going to return, this will become more acceptable and tolerable to them.

Reward your dog for good behavior and just for being them (because dogs are great!). Treat them to a new toy and provide them with some healthy, tasty doggy treats. Keep them interested and curious by alternating their walks and trying new things. If you have the opportunity, take them camping and they will love you forever.

Simple Commands: Start with simple commands such as ‘sit’, ‘come’, and ‘down’. There are simple techniques that you can use yourself, without having to go to a class. The ‘come’ command is particularly important as it will ensure that your dog returns to you when you’re outdoors. This will keep them safe in potentially harmful situations such as when you’re near traffic, etc. Teaching your dog to ‘leave it’ is also important from a safety point of view. If he or she spots something that is potentially dangerous, mastering this command may save you a trip to the vet.

Training a dog takes time and patience, but it is an essential part of their maintenance. Tackling this early on will ensure that you both live comfortably and happily together, and that your dog has a loving and safe environment. HURRAY FOR DOGGOS!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

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  1. Thanks for spreading the word how critical positive training in for puppies and dogs. This helps you bond and gives the dog structure and exercise his/her brain as well. I always like to take a class, as this helps me and my pup be accountable for following thru or else I will be embarrassed at class.Remember,teaching a positive command (“quiet”) as opposed to “stop barking” is actually more effective.

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