Black & Neon Green Nails

Black & Neon Green Nails

Hi everyone and TGIF! Yesterday was crazy busy for me but because I always get my nails done on Thursdays when I need a new set of nails or a fill, I just had to make time to see my beloved nail tech, Vinny, so he could get me right. I usually get my nails filled every three weeks for twenty bucks and honestly it’s the best money that I spend all month. To me, there is nothing better than taking a breather and being pampered before you have to step back into the real world. And, of course, it is always so fun hanging out with Vinny and the salon gang for an hour or two!

Last fill, I was loving the hot pink accent nails that I picked and I decided to go bright or go home again this time with neon green and a coat of sparkles over top of it. As always, the rest of my nails were black with an airbrushed cross on each middle finger. I’m thinking of upgrading to gemstone crosses next fill, though! I’m so obsessed with how my nails turned out yesterday and they might just be my favorite fill yet. Check it out:



After a delightful rendezvous at the salon, I went to get myself some Starbucks with a Christmas gift card before heading to the skating rink to coach for the Special Olympics. As I was being rung out, the barista asked for my name and when I told him it was Sarah he checked to see if it was with or without an H (I love when people do that!). After I told him that it was with an H (the best way), he told me that he’s “always told that the H is for ‘high maintenance'”. I guess that has to be true, considering that I was just coming from getting my nails done!

What is your favorite nail polish shade right now? What color should my accent nails be next fill? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah


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  1. Love those nails! Bwahaha That is funny about the barista! To funny! I actually went skating yesterday too! I took my friend to Bryant Park. Love it so much and I am so happy you got to go even if it was coaching ❤


    • Thanks girl! And omg I thought it was a hoot, I was dying he was like “tell your friends” hahaha. And I saw on FB! I loved the pic! *heart eyes emoji* I haven’t been skating for fun since last year. I love going to the outdoor rinks but the weather in Ohio has been complete crap so the two days that I wanted to go this week it was pouring rain -___- just my luck!

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      • I love it! Baristas are the best. Awe thanks! It was so much fun! Really wet though since it was sixty degrees. Awe that stinks. I love skating outside! That sucks. For the last four years or so, the outdoor rink back home, hasn’t been open when I have been there for the holidays and the indoor one is always so crowded. I hope the weather gets better for you! ❤

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