5 Easy Ways To Balance Your Decor

5 Easy Ways To Balance Your Decor

Decorating your home can be hard. Not only does it tend to be costly (even if you’re thrifty), it can be hard to coordinate. Whether you’re redesigning each room from scratch, or adding to what you have, bit by bit, ensuring that your decor is balanced and just works can feel like an impossible task. Impossible, but doable.

Whether you choose to hire an interior designer, follow the principles of feng shui design or research, try and buy, you might need to work on balancing out a few areas of your decor. If you’re tackling the task alone, these points should act as a starting guide for you to work from.

Color: Color can often be a safe starting point when it comes to your decor. You should be able to see straight away whether colors will work well together, or whether the entire look and feel of the room will be thrown off. But, some colors can be tricky. When that’s the case, hunt down interesting color palettes on Pinterest and see which ones most appeal to you. You’ll also be learning as you look, and will start to see how to match colors that balance well together.

Space: Another way to work on the balance of your decor is to use the space. If you’re working with a small room, you’re going to need to be smart. You’re not going to want to cram a lot of big furniture into the room, as it will look overcrowded. Instead, you’re going to want to opt for space saving storage ideas and lots of bright, fresh, airy colors. When you’ve got a larger room, you might need to be a bit more generous with the furniture and accessorizing. Otherwise, it will be out of balance and look quite bare.

Fabric: Your soft furnishings can also say a lot about a space. You might not think that the rugs, throws, cushions, and curtains that you add into the room make a lot of difference right now. But, if you get the combination wrong and the room is off balance, you’ll soon see it. When you pick fabrics, you need to choose ones that coordinate well. It’s pretty similar to the color situation – if you choose something that doesn’t work well together, then you’re often left with a lot of loud clashing and a bit of a headache.

Pattern: Many people can be afraid of playing around with patterns. And while that is a safe bet to take, you can actually create an incredibly well-designed and daring home with different patterns. But, you still have to make sure that they balance. When patterns clash, it can be chaotic. So, you need to make sure that you use them tastefully and sparingly, to create the desired effect. Try finding patterns with similar colors in them so that they blend rather than compete against each other.

Design: Then, there’s the overarching design itself. You can often be swayed by different interior design trends. But, if you opt for something new and different, rather than sticking to a style that you know you’ll always love, the space may not feel right. It’s important that you choose a style that you feel comfortable with, as you’ll then be able to make it balance with the accents and accessories that you add in.

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