Turning Your Back Garden Into A Perfect Paradise In Five Easy Steps


This time of the year, it’s hard to think about going outside too much. Your back garden starts to turn into a barren wasteland, with patchy, brown grass and a load of bushes and trees that are more stick than leaf as the winter gets into full swing. Looking out of your back window has never been more dismal! Luckily, there are some things that you can do to make it a little better during the first sightings of spring. Read on to find out more…

Add Evergreen Plants: If you’re going to add more plants to your back garden, it’s best to make them evergreen ones, so that you can appreciate them all year round. You could add daphne plants, which are known for the small, fragrant flowers that grow during the winter and spring. Or, you could try aucuba, a tough green shrub that will make it through the harshest winters. You could also add a lavender plant – not only is it attractive and fragrant, but it’ll also attract bumblebees throughout the summer.



Grow A Vegetable Patch: If you start to grow your own vegetables and become more self sufficient, then no question about it, you will feel incredibly proud of yourself. Make sure that you do your research first so you can find out what fruits and vegetables grow at what time of year. If you’re really determined to produce your own food, then you could get a greenhouse to get yourself organized and grow a bountiful harvest for you and your family to enjoy.

Install A Deck: If you want to turn your back garden into a place where you can relax, then it’s important to install a deck. Invest in some treated timber from a reputable merchant like George Hill Builders Yard, and work with a garden designer to find the shape of the deck that’s right for you and your family’s needs. A deck will enable you to sit outside and eat together when the warmer weather comes around. Although it isn’t very environmentally friendly, a patio heater can always keep you warm out there in the winter while sipping hot chocolate with friends.


 Pixabay Image

Install A Water Feature: There’s very little that’s more peaceful than the gentle trickling of water. If you have the space in your back garden, why not add a small fountain or pond? Not only will it provide an area of peace and reflection, but it will also encourage a wider variety of creatures to take up residence in your back garden. Bear in mind that it doesn’t have to be a huge feature that takes over the space. A small fountain or even a bird bath will be just as effective!

Add A Bird Feeder: One of the small joys in life is looking out of your kitchen window at the birds in your back garden (I do this frequently!) – so you should install a bird feeder full of seed where you can see it. Buy a bird book so that you can identify different breeds of birds and figure out which ones will come to visit the feeder the most depending on where you live.


So cute! 🙂

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