Is Your Home Boring? Then Check Out This Guide!


No one wants a boring and dull home. Even the most laid back and relaxing home doesn’t need to be boring. It is actually pretty easy to spruce up your place once you put your mind to it. It doesn’t even have to be a lot of work. Just read this guide below to see how you can make your home a lot more visually interesting.

Color: The number one home refresher that can break up the visual boredom is to inject some color. People get so scared of color, but they don’t have to be, as they are in control of it. You can have as little color or as much as you like. You get to pick the shade, and how intense it is, so there is nothing to get anxious about.

If you aren’t used to having a lot of bright colors about the place, then go for something more subtle to start off. The use of pastel or ice cream colors can create interest and drama without going too over the top. But, if you are looking for some serious impact, then go for something super bright. Paint a feature wall to inject some drama into an otherwise boring room. Or you can even get super creative and leave the walls white and paint the furniture brights colors instead!

Pattern: Patterns are something else that people can get a little afraid of when decorating their home. But used properly they can help create a dynamic room that isn’t boring at all. 1970’s style patterns in one or two colors are a great (and fun!) way of injecting a retro vibe that isn’t too overwhelming into a room. Or you can inject a pattern into your accessories which can work wonders against any surface that is one solid color. For example use, bright paisley patterned pillows on a block color sofa. This will break up the single color and draw your eye to specific points, which can prove to be very visually appealing.


 Pixabay Pattern!


So cute!

Decoration: Another way of preventing your home decor from slipping into boredom territory is to get creative with the decorations you use. There are so many fun and simple ways to spruce up the home, even if its just taking your white or cream walls and decorating them with modern art or reproductions of the old classics. This will provide a perfect point of interest. If you’re going for a really dramatic look, use multiple pieces that are of a similar style in one space.

Interactivity: Another great way of getting your house to pop is to make use of all of the technology that is out there now. There are plenty of operator controlled items that you can interact with that can make an impact on your home’s visual appearance. For example, how about getting a mood light bulb? The color of which can be changed depending on what you are using the room for at that time. So you could have blue or purple for relaxing or a warmer orange or red when you want a cozy feel.

While revamping your home, use patterns, accessories, and decor that is uniquely you. Home decorating is just another amazing way to show off your personality!

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