Confessions Of A Shopaholic

Confessions Of A Shopaholic

Heyy everyone and TGIF!! So, if you have been reading my blog for a while or just take a look at the plethora of posts under the “Fashion” category, you might be able to guess that I love to shop. Honestly, the word love is an understatement because I am lightweight obsessed with purchasing all things fashion, beauty, and accessories. There’s just something about the act of going to your favorite store or getting comfy on your couch to shop online that’s moderately addicting to me.

Why is that? I guess because it feels good, damnit. Sometimes I have a really hard time feeling good. Long story short, things at home are basically a shit show seven times out of ten so when I can just go and surround myself with things that are pretty, it feels like a much needed vacation. Even if I don’t end up buying a single thing, I could spend an hour filling up a cart on ModCloth and wind up feeling infinitely better.

Is this a bad thing? Sometimes! My bank account definitely doesn’t love me for it! In fact, just last night I had a splurging sesh on TJMaxx’s website but it was a graduation gift to myself so I thought that it was okay (the voice of an addict!). BUT sometimes I think that my shopaholic nature is a blessing.

1) I have the most phenomenal wardrobe that I know of.

2) I am never spending money that I don’t have.

3) I rarely turn to getting sloppy drunk or self harming methods anymore when I feel like shit.

As I mentally rearranged new homes in my closet and shoe wall last night after my TJMaxx graduation shopping spree, I had to stop and think if some of the purchases that I have made in the past have been worth it. And honestly? I answered with “yes” to every single one of them. If it takes treating myself to something new and pretty when I’m feeling blah every so often, then I say go girl!

I feel as though some people have a hard time with treating themselves but hey, they don’t call retail therapy “therapy” for nothing! If you get happy or have something to look forward to with a purchase, then do the damn thing! Buy the heels, get the pedicure, take yourself out to dinner. At the end of the day, you have to take care of yourself and if a little splurge here and there helps ease the ache that life can throw at you, then I will be with you there at the checkout line.

Here’s to shopping (In moderation!). Here’s to making yourself feel good. Here’s to treating yourself like the amazing person you are!


How do you treat yoself when you’re feeling blah? What is your favorite way to splurge on yourself? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah


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    • Omg yes!!! My favorite purse is from Charming Charlie! My hair stylist loves that store and she finds the best jewelry there! So cute. 😍 Forever 21 is also great for accessories, I love to shop there when I have the time because it’s definitely a commitment walking in there!!


    • Thank you! And omg yesssss, shoes are my weakness. I like to think I’m a strong woman but all of my morals fly out the window in the shoe department of TJMaxx haha how do you keep yourself on a budget? God knows we all could use some tips on that! xo ❤

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      • Hahah well whenever I am shopping I try and start out with a certain amount that I can spend, while keeping in mind more useful things I could be buying instead! But at the end of the day I think it’s also important to treat yourself! haha I don’t think I am fully ‘qualified’ to give advice, as you said, when see shoes I go crazy!!! ahaha xox

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      • Hahaha I always try and put a spending limit on my shopping but then I think of accomplishments and decide that qualifies for spending more. Usually my logic is something like “Wow, I got an A on that biology test I better buy an entire new outfit” lololol

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  1. First of all, I love your post and I have the same ideas as you. If I have the money and bills are already paid, definitely splurge on something that you have been wanting and that you’ll use or wear for a long time. I’m not one of those people who save the fancy heels or jewelry for special occasions. I want to enjoy them now and as often as possible. As for myself, I treat myself getting a Blo out, you just feel more beautiful after you get your hair done. Also my favorite accessory to buy are handbags. I think I said this on my blog but a handbag can change your outfit completely. 😊


    • TWINNING!! Freaking SAME. If I’m going to be seen in public during the day I love putting together a sharp outfit. Whoever says heels and glam are just for evenings out and special occasions has never worn heels during the day before!
      I have never gotten a blow out before but that’s because I look like little orphan annie if my hair is anything but pin straight haha I’m sure it looks fab on you though! I have just recently started to become more interested in hand bags and I’m glad I did because you’re so right – it instantly amps up an outfit! Where is your fave place to get new purses at?


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