The Great Escape: Pretty Expensive Panic Rooms

The Great Escape: Pretty Expensive Panic Rooms

This is straight out of The Purge! Best believe I would want a panic room in that situation! 😉

The Great Escape: Pretty Expensive Panic Rooms

Home security and safety is a cause of concern for all of us. There are petty thieves out there who will jump on any opportunity to steal someone else’s things. There are also smart criminals out there who play the long game and know exactly when and where to pounce.

The best ways we can protect our home and deter criminals is with the use of a CCTV camera, security lights, and home alarms. But what about those billionaires out there who have sparkling diamonds and billions of dollars to protect? Well, you’d be surprised at how many of their magnificent mansions have secret panic rooms in preparation for a great escape. Curious to find out more? Read on to discover just how tight security measures can get.

What Is A Panic Room? Those that are the super wealthy among us demand tighter and better security options at every turn. And a panic room is one of those features that all millionaire’s mansions should have. A panic room is basically a safety bunker hidden behind a secret door in a home. It’s somewhere you would run to for safety if people are invading your home. This is why they are so appealing to the ultra high net worth individual and many a celebrity. Panic rooms are hidden behind bookcases, painting, wardrobes, mirrors, and more. This is nothing brand new – even medieval lords had safe rooms created in case they were under siege.


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Why Are They Useful? To the regular person, having a panic room may seem a little paranoid. But for those who are very wealthy or in the public eye, they offer added security and peace of mind. Secret chambers contain communication systems as well, so that once you bolt the door shut you can contact the emergency services. Does it all sound a little bit James Bond? Well, as we advance more and more with technology, it’s likely that they will become increasingly more common in homes. For the truly paranoid you can also add in smoke systems and have switches to lock down the entrance of your panic room with a reinforced door.

High Tech Panic Rooms: These billionaire bunkers are getting more and more high-tech as new technology comes on the market. The really high tech ones come with reinforced materials, sound-proofing, and gas masks and potassium iodine tablets in them in the case of nuclear or biological attacks. Panic rooms are also used if there is the threat of hurricanes or tornadoes. They may also contain weapons, surveillance cameras, and a fully stocked fridge.

Many panic rooms are there to hide expensive goods, rather than people. So they are like a big luxury safe. The wealthy among us may be trying to protect expensive art, opulent diamonds, or rare antique books. Those who work in secret services may be protecting computer hard drives and other information. And because keys could be misplaced or lost, panic rooms instead have interior deadbolts or retinal or fingerprint scanning as a safety precaution. All sounds a bit crazy? You probably wouldn’t think so if you had millions of dollars to protect!

Personally, my closet is getting a little too claustrophobic when I need some alone time so a panic room sounds just right! 😀

Featured Image By: Pixabay

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