Get Out Of My Dreams (But What Do They Mean??)

Get Out Of My Dreams (But What Do They Mean??)

Heyy everyone and happy Tuesday! This post is going out to all of my day dream believers on here because I know you’re out there and I need your help!! The past two nights in a row I’ve been having dreams that involve two people who I absolutely despise. Each night has been a different person and the weird thing about the dreams is that they are actually quite pleasant scenarios but the fact that someone who I hate is in them completely ruins the dreaming experience. I won’t go into great detail about who’s in the dreams because you never know who’s reading lifewithlilred and the internet is a big place! But I will tell you that I stopped talking to the people who are featured in Dream One and Dream Two months and months and months ago and barely ever think about them – so why the hell are they showing up now?? #GOAWAY!!!

The setting of Dream One which happened on Sunday was that this person and I were walking on a beach and talking. I don’t remember what we were talking about – but I do recall that we weren’t walking by the water, we were on the sand and the ocean seemed really far away. I remember the dream being really enjoyable while I was having it but when I woke up the following morning I was completely disgusted by the fact that I had a good dream that included one of my least favorite people ever.

Dream Two occurred last night and I vividly remember the set of it being in the Target clothing section. Similarly to Dream One it involved a movement, which was shopping and then talking. Once again, I don’t remember what the conversations were about I just remember the action in the dream. I feel like this dream didn’t last as long as Dream One, but all the same when I woke up I felt pretty annoyed that my dreams have been hijacked by assholes two nights in a row.


So what do these back to back dreams mean? I certainly hope it doesn’t mean that I should rekindle a relationship with people who I said good riddance to forever ago! Usually I’m never curious about what my dreams mean or whatever but when I get visited in dream land by someone who I don’t like two nights in a row it seems more than coincidental.

So to anyone who is into finding secret meanings in dreams that’s reading this…Help a Lil Red out!!! Was there some hidden meaning that I’m missing? Am I concerned over nothing? I wanna hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

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