Cool Decorating Ideas

Cool Decorating Ideas

Heyyy everyone and happy Sunday! So every once in a while my parents and I like to hit up Tuesday Morning, which is a lot like TJMaxx minus the clothing. The store has a lot of cool home decor pieces including everything from furniture, mirrors, artwork, and any knick knack you can imagine in one convenient location. Every time I go to Tuesday Morning I tell myself that when the time comes for me to decorate my own apartment I will most definitely be shopping there. I took some pictures of some pieces that I thought were fun and unique to share with you guys and maybe give you some ideas of your own for decorating! Take a look:


^^^^ Rad, right??

I’m a really big fan of the antique-y vibe that I get from all of these cool little odds and ends. My absolute favorite thing pictured above is the step ladder shelf. I admire that baby every time I go to Tuesday Morning and I would love to have it in my room to house my beloved shoes on. I also really like all of the floral painted wall hooks – I can picture a plethora of those hanging up on the walls in my room to display all of my hats and scarves. I get happy just thinking about it! One item in particular that I’m not sure that I would put in my apartment would be the bust statue – but I guess it would be a pretty good conversation piece! What I was instantly drawn to today when I entered the store was the mini pedestals with the glass container covers. Those are absolutely gorgeous, and my first thought when I saw them was that I would love to display all of my jewelry in them. I imagined a row of the containers going across my desk with each of them holding a necklace or bracelet. So cute! It’s always so fun going into Tuesday Morning to see what’s new and exciting, and I can’t wait for the day that I can go there and fill up a shopping cart with all of the decorations that my little heart desires! Until the fateful day that I move out, I’ll just be admiring all of these items from afar!

I hope these pictures inspired all of the decorators out there to get to work on a new project! Where is your favorite place to buy home decor at? What is your favorite decorative piece in your living quarters? I wanna hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Have a great day! -Sarah

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