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So Bright I Need Shades

So Bright I Need Shades

Hello!! Last Tuesday, I had the morning to myself after working from home and all I wanted to do was shop, shop, shop! Before my afternoon shift, I hit up TJMaxx and Bath & Body Works for some much needed retail therapy and had an absolute blast. At TJMaxx, I spent my Christmas gift cards on a few new things for me, skin care, birthday gifts for my bestie, a new shirt for Johnny, and sunglasses! I have been so sick of wearing Johnny’s plain frames and chose two new pairs; one by Sam Edelman and the other, surprisingly, was by America’s number one baddie, Martha Stewart lol. Check them out:


There was a point in my early twenties when I had sunglasses galore as they were a cheap and fun way for a little pick me up. I had quite the collection of sunnies in various shapes, sizes, and colors and would change out which one I was using often. Of course, sunglasses don’t last forever and all of them had definitely seen better days. Scratches, loose screws, and cracks began to form and one by one my collection ended up in the trash. And, eventually, I had to resort to square black frames a la Johnny when driving and out and about.

The sunglasses that I had been using were probably the most boring thing that Johnny and I own and I decided to check out the sunglasses wall at TJs during my excursion. I was pretty unimpressed with a majority of the options and was drowning in a sea of tortoiseshell! However, I did have luck with two pairs and that’s great because literally anything was better than what I had! I was shocked to see so many Martha Stewart pairs on the shelf, but it all worked out because they were arguably the most fun frames available. I still can’t quite wrap my mind around that. πŸ™‚

The pair of Martha, Martha, Marthas that I selected are really cool and I love the shape; they are huge! One problem that I have found with gigantic frames are how heavy they are and that was not the case with my new pair at all. These are so light but still feel sturdy and that is a major plus. I feel so perfectly posh in these shades and ten dollars isn’t a bad price to pay for a pair by America’s sweetheart! πŸ˜€

The other pair I chose was by Sam Edelman, whose accessories I am obsessed with. In fact, I used to have a pair of sunglasses from that designer until they broke! I am all about sunnies with a unique shape and these octagonal frames were an instant must. In fact, I used to have a very similar pair until they broke lol. Noticing a theme here? I have been wearing these sunnies every day since I got them and they are awesome! Like the Marthas, they are nice and light and the protection they offer from the sun without drastically changing the colors of everything makes for an ideal pair for driving. And for also looking fresh to death!

For so long, I focused on clothing and shoes while shopping that I didn’t even think about getting new sunglasses, which I really needed. These new pairs will come in very handy during the sunny days of spring and summer and I might just have to start rebuilding my sunglasses collection again! Keep it posted for more from my TJMaxx Haul coming soon!

Do you have a collection of any accessories? What is your favorite accessory to shop for? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah


So Bright I Need Shades OOTD

So Bright I Need Shades OOTD

Hi!! I am having such fun with my Reimagine Your Wardrobe series and am so thankful to my fiance, Johnny, for taking pictures of my OOTDs during my weekly shopping trips in my closet. It is so easy to wear the same, most loved items again and again and I, for one, am definitely guilty of it. This fashion series has challenged me to think outside of the box and try new things and in this outfit’s case that meant wearing a pair of high waisted jeans and not pairing it with a shirt to cover the waistline up. For those of you who don’t know – I am not a fan of high waisted anything so this was a big step for me! Take a look:


Who? What? Wear?

When I get asked about my issue with high rise, I always reply that I just don’t think it looks good on me. I am barely over 5’1 and have a larger bust so high waisted pants make for a less than flattering silhouette on my body type. I feel like they make me look wide and even shorter than I already am. So why did I buy a pair of high waisted pants? Well,Β  I really like snakeskin patterned anything and coated jeans are my favorite. Despite the high rise of my Seven jeans, they still fit well so when I wear them I just put on a longer top.

Like I said, it was a big step for me to wear these jeans with a tucked in top and while this OOTD is fairly simple, I felt like I was taking a huge risk! I absolutely adore button down shirts and have wanted to shoot an outfit featuring one for a while. Despite the days being much clearer in Ohio, it is still a bit chilly and my look was perfectly appropriate for the weather and I would definitely wear it again.

I have quite a collection of button downs with a few select ones that get worn a lot more than others. Which is exactly why I wanted to wear my Karl Lagerfeld top because it doesn’t get as much love. After shooting these pictures, however, I have no idea why I don’t sport this shirt all of the time! My most educated guess is that the button down is quite long so it doesn’t tuck in nicely to shorts and I usually don’t wear them tucked in with jeans.

I tried my aviator adorned top with a few different bottoms until I officially settled on my high waisted Sevens but I still wasn’t particularly sold on it. I knew that the button down had to be tucked in if I wanted to wear it, which meant that I needed to be careful about which shoes I selected.

Because my jeans were high rise, I had to find a pair of shoes that would really elongate the look which is why I went with my stiletto heeled mules. The high heel added length while the shape and pattern meshed beautifully with the jeans, making my legs look way longer than they actually are. Finally, I was completely sold on the look and couldn’t help but thinking “so that’s how you style high rise pants” lol.

Once the base of my outfit was complete, it was time to accessorize. I didn’t want to overwhelm my OOTD with lots of jewelry because its silhouette was so sleek. Too many accessories would break up the long lines that I spent so long trying to achieve but I knew I needed something to pop against the neutral color palette.

I stuck with my tried and true method of accessorizing a button down which is placing a necklace shorter in length with a bold pendant smack dab in the middle underneath the collar. Not seeing the necklace’s chain kept with the straight line silhouette that I was going for and the statement pendant almost looks like it could be built into the shirt. And, of course, no outfit is complete without my engagement ring now!

It’s one thing to try out a color or pattern that you don’t often wear but an entirely different shape of clothing is a whole different ball game. I completely stepped out of my comfort zone with this outfit and this is the first time I have ever worn a pair of high waisted pants while actually showing that they are high rise! I feel proud of myself for trying something new and I don’t think I will be shying away from high rise anymore because I felt awesome in this look. πŸ™‚

What is your preferred rise for jeans? How do you take fashion risks? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah