If The Shoe Fits: Fergalicious By Fergie Ankle Boots Edition

If The Shoe Fits: Fergalicious By Fergie Ankle Boots Edition

Greetings! When I shop in store at TJMaxx, I never seem to be able to find any shoes there and purchase them on their website, instead. So, you can only imagine my surprise when a pair of shoes in store literally made me clutch my pearls. And, when anything gets this reaction from me, nine times out of ten it ends up in my shopping cart. Check out these pretty little babies by the one and only Fergie Ferg and let’s discuss:


A girl can never have too many pairs of black ankle booties because they are all so different yet so remarkably similar, lol. But, I have to say, this new pair is probably the most unique one I have out of all of them. It’s no secret that Lil Red loves all things edgy and punk so when I saw these studded, buckled beauties it was damn near impossible to say no. Granted, I have many a studded and buckled pair of booties but none with all over visual interest going on, which made this Fergalicious number a must.

Of course, these will be perfect for marching through the fallen leaves this autumn. However, I am actually more excited to wear these during the warm weather. This past summer, I took a shining to wearing my ankle boots along with a pair of short shorts and sweet frilly socks for a fun twist on a simple OOTD. It definitely spiced up a basic shorts and a T-shirt ensemble and my new ankle booties will be perfect for that once the hot weather begins again. Love!

How do you rock ankle boots? What is your go to pair of shoes in the fall? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

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