Paranormal Activity?!

Paranormal Activity?!

Hellooooo! Okay, so the weirdest things happened in my apartment this past week which begs the question of if it’s haunted. Lol, I know it sounds crazy, but the instances that occurred were so impossible that it made me really freaked out. Let us proceed:

Exhibit A:

A few days before this occurrence, I accidentally broke a small plate when trying to get it out of my cabinet on the stove and refrigerator side. The plate broke into a few large pieces that were easy to pick up and get moved directly to the trash can. I then got the little shards cleaned up and continued to go about my day. To my knowledge, that was the last of the problem.

But, three days later, broken plate pieces reappeared in places that just weren’t possible for them to be at. That morning, I had taken my trash out that contained the plate fragments before I left for work. I got home that night and walked into my bathroom to start preparing a bath. And, as luck would have it, I stepped on a piece of broken plate. Mind you, the plate broke three days prior, was in the trash, and hadn’t left the trash since. AND, I stood in my bathroom that morning doing my hair and makeup and didn’t step on anything.

I tended to my foot, ran the bath water, and went to the kitchen to get something to drink. Then, on the opposite counter from which the plate broke sat a larger piece of plate that I couldn’t have missed that morning when I stood in the same spot to fix a glass of Tang for breakfast. This is when I started getting really uneasy, because there was just no way that I would have missed such a big piece of broken plate that morning. And, even if I did, the chances of it sitting there for three days without me seeing it was absolutely impossible.

After the glass incident, it made me hyper aware of two other instances that happened, one being the night before and the other happening the day before that.

Exhibit B:

Maybe this was nothing, but I don’t see how this could have happened without my knowledge, either. The night before the glass incident, I got out of bed to go to the bathroom. I was looking in my mirror while washing my hands and, behind me, I saw a HUGE hornet sitting on my wall.

When I go in and out of my apartment, I never leave my door wide open and I am always quick to get in or get out to prevent things like this from happening. But, even if I wasn’t, I definitely would have noticed this big sucker flying into my apartment. I shit you not, it was a little smaller than a silver dollar. So, needless to say, I was terrified when I saw it just hanging out in my bathroom.

I grabbed my fly swatter and, because it was gigantic, it was really slow and I was able to send it to a watery toilet grave. I felt very unnerved afterwards, though, because it just seemed too big to miss and that means it probably was in my apartment while I was home that evening and I didn’t even know it. Weird.

And, finally, the last incident happened the day before the hornet and two days before the two other glass instances.

Exhibit C:

I would say at least two weeks ago, over a weekend, my boyfriend was over and we were drinking wine on my couch. He accidentally dropped his glass and it broke on the floor space in between my couch and coffee table. It was no big deal and the glass was cleaned up and I thought that was the end of it.

But, two weeks after the glass breaking, a shard showed up again underneath my foot at least ten feet from where the glass broke to begin with. Once again, I have no clue how such a big piece could have gone unnoticed for two weeks or longer without me or someone else stepping on it.

I am glad it was me that stepped on it, though, because that morning I had my old skating coach and her daughter over for lunch. Her little girl was running around my apartment barefoot and it could have been her that stepped on it instead of me. I walked on the glass literally right after they left and was so confused as to how it got almost all the way to my front door and was sitting there for who knows how long without anything happening.

Maybe all of these were coincidences but three weird things happening three days in a row had me so spooked. Nothing has happened since and, hopefully, that will be the last of it. But, if not, I’ll keep you all posted!!

Can anyone offer me some explanations for the above instances? Have you ever experienced any paranormal activity? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

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  1. It is possible that the hornet may have snuck in on your clothes or got by without notice, that can happen, but the shards is really strange. Maybe you should do some research and find out about your place or the neighborhood.

    My only paranormal experience I ever had was when my husband decided he wanted to bring me to what we thought was a psychiatric hospital that had been run down, but I found out that it was actually a TB hospital. Even though we were outside the whole time I was totally creeped out and when we left I had these overwhelming feelings of fear, despair, loathing, anger. It was nuts and wouldn’t leave me for a good two hours. He knows NEVER to bring me there again and the place isn’t that far from where we live. LOL


  2. As stated above smudging helps, it also wouldnt hurt to hang a cross or rossary above your door. In my honest opinion it sounds like a aimple poltergeist messing with you to create unease, fear, and even anger to feed off of. Things can attach themselves to you, so you could’ve simply visited an area he was in and at that moment was in a period of emotional weakness, ie the fear, depression, anger. You could’ve only felt it breifly while tou were near it and it liked the “taste”. Smudge yourself from head to toe as well as smudging your house. If it dont work, you could always go to your local church amd ask the pastor to bless you then try smudging your house again.


      • Same with my experience. Made my own blog about it. Unexplained experiences. After demanding it to leave and banishing it from the house I haven’t felt its energy. Mine was dif from your experience. I actually saw my entity, and nothing broke. But an entity is an entity and smudging usually worka on them all except powerful demons. Then you need a priest to bless you, your house, and anybody who’a been to your house while it was active cuz it could jump to them after banishing.

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  5. Try to do some activities in the night with respect to the glass

    And try to know more about the past of the apartment .

    I think so that will help you to connect some of the dotss


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