Huda Beauty Eyeshadow Swatch In Matte Emerald

Huda Beauty Eyeshadow Swatch In Matte Emerald

Hello everyone! We have officially finished taking a closer look at all of the glitter shades from the Huda Beauty Emerald Obsessions palette and now we are onto the matte colors. Today, we are going to look at the emerald matte hue, which you can see on the middle right:


Check out the swatches:


^^^ The first heart is the eyeshadow wet and the second one is when it’s dry.

Although this emerald matte shade is pretty, it’s not my favorite one that the palette offers. I have never been too keen on matte eyeshadows, especially since I am a matte lipstick girl and I don’t want matte overload happening on my MOTD. This is actually the first matte shade I’ve ever owned and, I can see why I’ve never bought it before, because it does like kind of dull. I like my eyeshadows to have that little extra something going on with it, like a metallic shine or glitter but I don’t want it looking too glitzy. The matte hue is nice, but there’s not enough going on with it that would make me feel so inclined to wear it.

I might experiment with this color as an eyeliner, but I already have a metallic emerald liner that I like a lot so we’ll see what happens. First impressions, though? I don’t think that I would wear this one. #whompwhomp

Do you prefer a matte or shiny eyeshadow? How about matte or glossy lipstick? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

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