New Beige & Black Nails

New Beige & Black Nails

Hello and happy Hump Day! I finally had time last week to get a much needed fill for my claws, and I’m feeling pretty blah about them. I went with the usual black and chose a beigey nude color for the accent nail. I was feeling really good about the color palette, because I wanted matte nails and I thought that the black and beige would look amazing like that. But, it wasn’t until after my nails were painted that my nail tech discovered that they were all out of matte top coat. -___- I’m not thrilled with my latest fill, but we can’t always win in life! Lol, here are my claws this time around:


Another major pisser about this fill is that TWO of my nails broke on the exact same day, which literally never happens. The nail related irritation that day was so real, I could have screamed. Despite the major claw flaws, my talons are shaped up and sharpened, which pleases me more than an exciting color palette. I still would really like to go the matte route, though, so hopefully next time they will have a top coat for me!

What do you do about broken nails? What color of polish do you have on right now? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah


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