Duolingo Progress

Duolingo Progress

Howdy! Thanks to everyone’s recommendations to me about the Duolingo app, I have been obsessed for close to two months now. For funsies, I finally completed their French program for an enjoyable review and to sharpen my skills. Although it was tedious, it was well worth the time and effort and it felt good to finish the lessons that I started for a language that I love.

I have now moved onto Duolingo’s Spanish program and have been working on it for the past week or so. Once I complete these lessons, Spanish will be the FOURTH language that I’m familiar with, which is pretty good for an American! I haven’t taken a Spanish course since grade school, which has been over a decade ago, and I am already pleased with the progress that I have made.

My only complaint about the Duolingo app is the new update, where there are now three levels to complete per topic. I wish that they just did more extensive training on the subjects rather than having to go back to each one twice more once you complete level one. Three levels means a really repetitive curriculum, which was confirmed when I tried some of the advanced French levels only to find that it was a lot of the same thing over again.

When people ask me my level of fluency in French, I always reply with “If you transported me to Paris right now, I am sure that I would get along fine”. So, I can’t say that I will complete the additional levels for it. However, if I feel the need, I will certainly go back and give it a go. Spanish, on the other hand, will probably require all three levels of training, as I am completely unfamiliar with the language – despite eight years of it in grade school!!

Which languages are you learning on the Duolingo app? How many languages do you know and how did you learn them? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

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  1. I love duolingo! I’ve been learning French. I needed to be able to understand what people were saying though (French Charming’s youngest ONLY speaks French) and I needed to learn to communicate quickly. So I’ve been doing online lessons with a private tutor. Fast Track French. Françoise is my instructor and she posts a lot of videos on her site for free. I’m no where near fluent yet but at least I can listen to conversations and understand enough to laugh at the appropriate time, say “quel dommage” or “c’est vrai?” I’m so jealous that you know 4 languages!!!!

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  3. I’m learning Norwegian using duo and taking a free online course on Italian from edx. I want to brush up on Spanish and French but I don’t want to start confusing languages like I have before. Moving to Norway (if I haven’t repeated that to you before) and I’ll be going to Italy and Sicily for my 10th anniversary and remarrying my hubs. Working hard on getting fit and learning these languages!


  4. I have studied Spanish since I was about 10 years old, and I used Duolingo every now and then as a refresher. I studied Spanish in college as well, so every month or so I see how far I can quiz out of levels. However mostly to keep up to date on Spanish I tend to just listen to the radio or TV in Spanish. Whenever I am home alone, I turn on some Telenovelas. The language I am starting to learn now is German, and unfortunately the USA does not have a lot of German channels. I actually moved to Germany for a few months and being immersed in the language is how I picked it up. I think that already knowing two languages helped me pick it up as well. I still use Duolingo to keep learning more with German though.

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