If The Shoe Fits: Catherine Malandrino Edition

If The Shoe Fits: Catherine Malandrino Edition

Howdy! Winter makes me go a bit stir crazy when I’m bundled indoors against the cold and because of that, online shopping turns into my favorite inclement weather hobby. So, instead, I go shoe crazy. Ba dum chhhhhh! A TJMaxx haul brought me these b-e-a-utiful Catherine Malandrino four buckled beauties and I am obsessed. Take a look and let’s discuss:


When it comes to booties, I am typically sold if they are black, buckled, and bedazzled in some way and these shoes have it all. The sleek black color against a rougher texture, the four buckles going across the shoe, the studs to add even more edge. Woof – what a shoe success! I am also partial to these booties having a slight lifted heel so that I don’t feel like a complete fish out of water on flat feet! Thanks, Catherine Malandrino. ❀

I am stoked to wear these booties during the cold weather, but I am actually more looking forward to wearing them during the summer. These babies are going to look so badass with a pair of short shorts, a panama hat, and a faux fur vest over a graphic tee for a really funky warm weather OOTD. I. Can’t. Wait. There’s nothing better than buying an item with styling potential and, man, have these boots got it. I can’t wait to expand my wardrobe horizons with them and enjoy it fully with all of the buckled badness that these shoes deliver!

So there you have it, the latest issue of If The Shoe Fits: Catherine Malandrino Edition! How do you style badass booties? What do you look for in a good pair of ankle boots? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

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  1. I only own three pairs of shoes: steel toes for work i wear ankle boots to support my ankles. A pair of black dress shoes and a pair of Skechers. Oh I do have a fourth pair they were my grandfather’s i received after his death but I don’t wear them.

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