Elf Touch Of Pink Lipstick

Elf Touch Of Pink Lipstick

Hey everyone and happy Hump Day! Last week, my sister asked if she could borrow one of my lipsticks and I found a shade that I had totally forgotten to write about in my collection. This Touch Of Pink lipstick actually came with my Nude Rose Gold Palette that I had wrote about a while back ago, so that was a great deal.


I thought you only wore red lipstick!

Good call! Of course, I prefer my bright red lipstick any day of the week. BUT, if I’m in a rush or just don’t feel like painting on my red pout, I normally opt for a nude shade, instead. Nude lipsticks are great when you’re on the go, because any application mistakes aren’t as noticeable – while reds are glaringly obvious! So now that we have this settled, take a look at Elf’s Touch Of Pink lipstick and let’s discuss:


Whomever named this lipstick really hit the nail on the head, because from the swatch seen above, there really is just a Touch Of Pink in this shade. To me, the color looks more dusty peach, with just the slightest pinch of rose added in for a fresh new take on a nude lip. You will never ever catch me in a Barbie shade pink lip, but I can definitely handle the slightest rosey coloring in this Elf lipstick, for sure!

This lipstick is always a safe bet for work, but for play – best believe that it’s still all about the red lip for yours truly! What is your go to shade of lipstick? Which brand has the best lippie? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

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  1. These peach hues are among my favourite; this particular one is really nice and I will look for it 🙂
    Some days I’m wearing pastel blues and turquoise, other days (most) just almost colourless lip-glow. But I confess pinks are now my first choice in every special ocasion, along with lavender, violet-bluish eyeshadow -quite retro and perhaps old fashioned, but still gorgeous to my eyes.
    Maybe I’ll send a pic to you — when I figure out how to do it in a discrete way 🙂 💐 💋


      • Adventurous, I am –a bit by force–. But, more than you?… No. Why ? No. I’ve never used bloody red like you (anyway, I will do).
        I have used antracite black on the lips, and bright silver on the eyes (and viceversa) – I have not thought yet of posting about make-up, since I’m a beginner and I ignore most brands and techniques.
        (Could I send you some pics about make-up, out of the public comments?)
        Nightly nite :))

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  2. Just thought I’d pop you a comment to say I love your posts you always produce such fun content. Love the lipstick but your nails are to die for. x x


  3. Bright red or burgundy are the shades I wear the most. Dark pink and fuchsia also gets worn such a lot.I have several favourite brands. Pale pink is not for me, I can’t stand pale lipsticks


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