Sweet Spring MOTD

Sweet Spring MOTD

Hii everyone and welcome to the next post in my Think Spring guest bloggers series by my darling friend, Jackie, from Makeup and Beyond. I am so excited to have her share her makeup expertise with all of you because you and I both know that I wear the same makeup literally every day! Jackie is going to teach you guys how to create a soft and sweet look perfect for a spring afternoon with the girls. For more fabulous MOTDs and beauty advice, please be sure to check out her page and give it some love!

Sweet Spring MOTD

Hey Guys!!

My name is Jackie from the blog Makeup and Beyond. My usual posts are about makeup/beauty products and this blog is no different apart from…being a guest blogger. The lovely lifewithlilred is doing a series on guest bloggers and I am honored to be a part of it. Spring is in the air, which brings new makeup looks and a fresh color palette to compliment the season. I have put together a look that I would use for going out for a coffee with mates or a stroll through the park if the weather permits!

First, I want to apologize for the bad photo quality, I took about 40 photos to try and get this look perfect, but I just couldn’t get the quality through the pictures. These were the best that I could do and any tips would be much appreciated. (I think they look great! -Sarah)

I always start with moisturizer first. I personally use Clinique Dramatically Cream, but whatever you use will be fine, this is just my preference at the moment. I let that settle into my skin for a couple of minutes to make sure that it all seeps in nicely. I then move on to my primer. I love using the Benefit POREfessional, this is great for disguising pores, which I have on my cheeks, nose, and forehead. I tend to use this all over my face, though, as it gives a smooth base to apply my foundation.

That’s the prep work done for my base and now I am just going to list the products I used and how I used them:

  • Foundation – Estee Lauder Double Wear (2N1 Desert Beige) – I apply this with a damp Real Techniques sponge all over my face.
  • Concealer – Maybelline Eye Eraser (Light) – I apply this under my eyes and blend out with the damp sponge used to apply my foundation.
  • Powder – Rimmel Stay Matte (Translucent) –  I apply this all over my face to set my foundation and concealer.
  • Bronzer – Makeup Revolution Ultra Bronze – I do a slight contour with this on my cheeks and blend into my forehead and under my chin
  • Blush – Milani Baked Blush (Luminoso) – I apply this to the apple of my cheeks, just to give a nice healthy glow.
  • Highlighter – I Heart Makeup Goddess of Love (Goddess of Faith) – I used this to highlight my cheek bones, down my nose and my cupids bow
  • Eye Primer – Urban Decay Original Primer Potion – I apply this all over my lid to ensure that it’s blended well and then apply my face powder over the top. I do this as the primer is quite tacky and powder makes it easier to blend the eyeshadows.
  • Eyeshadow – Morphe 350 – I used numerous colors from this palette, so I have numbered them below:


I used 1,2 and 3, all separately, but all blended into my crease. Layering them on top of each other to create a good gradient. I then applied 4 to the center and inner part of my eyelid, then used 3 to apply to my outer corner and blended this together to create a smokey effect.

Over the top of color 4, this being a quite pinky, glittery shade, I wanted to make it pop more. I decided to apply the Maybelline Eyeshadow Color Tattoo in Pink Gold over the top, just to make it stand out more and have a more creamy look to it. I would really recommend this, it’s great to work with and the color is absolutely gorgeous. It definitely gave this look the spring feel that I was looking for.

I then used color 2 and 3 on my lower lash line, to warm up under my eyes.

Eyeliners can be applied if you were looking to turn this into a more evening look, but I think for during the day, smoking out an eyeshadow on your lower lash line is the best option for creating an approachable and soft look for day time wear.

And, finally, here are the products that I used to complete the look:

  • Mascara – Benefit Roller Lash – I used this on my upper and lower lashes. This is one of my new favorites, as it’s made my lashes look longer but also helps them look fluffier by separating them.
  • Eyebrows – Sleep Eyebrow Stylist (Medium) and Benefit Gimme Brow (3)
  • Lips – Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Gloss (Rose & Shine) – I’m not much of a gloss person, but as I was going for a spring look, I thought that the matte lipsticks I have were too bold and I wanted something more subtle.

I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I did making it and hopefully this will inspire you to create a soft and smokey spring time look of your own! Please visit my page and give me a follow at Makeup and Beyond and thank you to Sarah at lifewithlilred for allowing me to share my passion on her blog.

^^^ Thank you so much again to Jackie for creating this drop dead gorgeous Sweet Spring MOTD! Make sure to tune in tomorrow for some super helpful spring cleaning tips by Christie Adams Writer. Until then, how do you sport a soft makeup look for spring? Do any of you have some of the same products as Jackie in your arsenal? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah


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