Curiosity Kills? No – Kids’ Curiosity Gives Them Skills

Curiosity Kills? No – Kids’ Curiosity Gives Them Skills

A major part of ensuring your children grow up intelligent is encouraging curiosity. We learn more than anything by asking questions. A person could walk past an almost silent classroom and be tricked into assuming that learning was going ahead perfectly. But the classroom where pupils are asking questions is more likely to see a real transfer of knowledge. As long as they’re the right questions, of course!

That curiosity is often what separates the child who will get A and A+ in their exams from those who will get just pass marks. When it comes to excelling in history, it is useful to know that Henry VIII divorced Catherine of Aragon. It is better yet to know why he did it. This curiosity is a part of any subject. Quite early on in learning a language, we will learn full sentences (such as “Comment t’appelles-tu?”). It might then be months or even years until we understand all the parts of that sentence. But understanding what each word means will give a student more confidence in speaking the language.

As a parent, it is useful to be able to encourage this kind of curiosity in a child. Taking a full part in your kids’ education can help them perform better in the classroom and in exams. Here are some tips to making your child’s life as educationally fun as possible:

If You’re Going To Watch TV, Find Time For Brainy Viewing: A lot of people have the opinion that watching TV is bad for children, insisting that they should be studying textbooks and doing homework. Of course, those parts of education are important, but TV can play a part, too. Historical dramas and documentaries on a range of subjects and the evening news are all worth watching. So, too, are quiz shows. Kids of all ages are pleased to see their knowledge reinforced. They will also be keen to enhance it in areas where they’re less strong at the moment.

You’ll Learn More By Traveling: It’s fair to say that if your child went on every school trip, it could end up costing you a great deal of money. Prioritizing the best ones for them can work out well, though. If they show a flair for languages, then school trips to Berlin and similar cities can enhance that knowledge. It’s also worth bearing it in mind when planning family holidays.


 Family vaca, anyone?

Take The Chance To Learn More Yourself: Any parent will know how much joy there is in teaching their young ones something and seeing it stick. From the moment they potty-train successfully onwards, there will be chances to do so. It never stops being satisfying. What we often don’t realize is that kids enjoy this feeling too. When you ask them about what they’re studying, and they tell you something you didn’t know, show how impressed you are and ask more questions. This will encourage them to keep learning themselves.

And if there’s a subject that you find interesting, why not take a few lessons yourself, at a night class or online? Speaking French around the house or swapping books on art or history can fuse a common interest which will be useful to you both. Curiosity, at any age, is something we should encourage.

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