Clearing Out The Cobwebs: How To Clean Up Your Home

Clearing Out The Cobwebs: How To Clean Up Your Home

Spring creeping up around the corner can only mean one thing: Spring cleaning! Here’s how to make the most out of your spring cleaning sesh to get your house spick and span in no time:

Throw Things Away: If your closet is full of things that you never wear any more, it’s time to wave goodbye to them and get rid of them. Not only will this free up space but it’ll also allow you to see the things you like and want to wear more often. If you donate them to charity, you’ll also feel as though you’ve done something to be of service. If you can’t decide which clothes you want to keep and which ones you want to throw away, why not turn around the hanger every time you wear something? By the time a year is up it’ll be obvious which clothes you haven’t worn in a long time and which you don’t need any more.


Cleaning out my closet 8)

Declutter: If you feel overwhelmed by how many things are on the surfaces inside your home, it’s time to start getting rid of them. In busy family homes it’s easy to let clutter pile up – but this can make you feel even more scattered and disorganized, and what’s more, frustrated at the state of your home. Marie Kondo says that you should throw away everything that doesn’t spark joy in you – and you probably should at least clear up the possessions cluttering up your house that either aren’t beautiful or that don’t serve a purpose. Put them all in a box and if they aren’t claimed by a family member in a week, trash or donate them – you could even go for skip bin hire!

Assign Chores: If you’re the only person doing any cleaning, you’ll get very resentful very quickly. Make a rota to ensure that your partner does their fair share and give your kids jobs to do in return for their pocket money. If you have a pet, it’s important to make sure you take turns with feeding and bathroom breaks.


 Perfectly decluttered!

Do It Gradually: The worst thing about cleaning is when you have an entire day of it ahead of you. If you work full time it’s very easy to resent a Saturday morning spent scrubbing out your bathroom sink. It often makes it easier to bear if you clean gradually as you go along – this means that you won’t have any huge jobs left hanging over your head that you’ll have to devote an entire weekend to. If you do something small every night when you get home from work, like changing all the bedsheets, doing a couple of loads of laundry, or throwing out all the old food from your fridge, it’ll seem a lot more bearable come the weekend.

Hire A Cleaner: It is absolutely not admitting defeat if you hire a cleaner. Sometimes cleaning just isn’t a top priority – and sometimes it shouldn’t be. You should be enjoying spending time with your kids and your partner instead of worrying about the state of your oven or bathroom. If you have enough spare money, then hire a cleaner to at least give a good once over of your home. Just make sure that the surfaces are free of clutter before they come and you’ll feel a lot more happy and content with the state and cleanliness of your place!

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