Getting Ready For College This Year? My Tips To Help

Getting Ready For College This Year? My Tips To Help

If you’re going to be heading to college after the summer, then it can be a daunting time for many people. The transition from high school to college is quite a big one. Because let’s face it, it’s not like you are just changing schools. You are starting your life out as a young adult as many people leave home for college. So you go from having family around that can help to living with people that you barely know. How can you prepare? Here are some hints and tips to make sure that you get the most out of your freshman year at college:

Get Reading: The amount of reading that you’ll be required to do in college is a big step up from what you will have been doing in high school. So it is a good idea to get a bit of a head start with it. You can find out about your course online and what might be required. Then you can make a start on gathering books and things that you will need. You could even get a head start over the summer with some of the reading. What you read is more important than how much you read. So make sure that you are choosing books that will be relevant.

Sharpen Up Your Tech Skills: There is no point in getting a new laptop computer the day before you are due to start college. If you’re in a new area and don’t know people that can help, you could get a little left behind if you don’t know how your laptop works. The same goes for typing and basic computer skills. The generations going to college now are probably more clued in than the last. You don’t want to get left behind if there were things that you could have done about it.

Consider a College Consultant: If you are still in the process of applying for college, then it might be worth getting a college consultant. Having a mentor that has been to the college that you want to attend can make a massive difference. They will have the insider’s point of view that can help you massively when making your college application.



Practice Your People Skills: College is a great time to hone in on your people skills. It is the perfect time because you’ll be meeting lots of new and different people. You will be living with them, as well as putting together presentations, and working in groups with them. So do what you can while you are in high school to get prepared. Get involved in group work, volunteer for leadership opportunities, as well as helping with school events.

Time Management: Good time management is pretty essential when you are in college. You don’t have parents or teachers chasing you for your work or projects so you need to learn how to best manage your time. If you keep procrastinating, it can affect meeting your deadlines and doing well at college so it is crucial to learn how to manage your time wisely and effectively.

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