Be a Rebel: 7 Small Space Decor Rules That Are Worth Breaking

Be a Rebel: 7 Small Space Decor Rules That Are Worth Breaking

Hiii everyone! This is a post from one of my darling friends, Chloe, who is an interior design queen. Thanks again, Chloe girl! 🙂

Be a Rebel: 7 Small Space Decor Rules That Are Worth Breaking

A famous American author Theresa Anne Fowler once wrote that “some rules are nothing but old habits that people are afraid to change”. And boy, was she right. People would rather obey conventional wisdoms than take the risk of creating something different. This is especially true when it comes to decorating small rooms, which are labelled as “difficult” to design. Still, is painting the walls white always a good way to decorate a tiny space? Of course not. There is no one universal solution that works for all small rooms. Here are some decorating rules that could benefit from a little rebellion.

Paint It White:

This must be the most boring interior design rule out there. Why must we paint a small room white? White does contribute to the illusion of spaciousness, but so does beige, sand, and other light neutrals. Or, if you prefer style over size, you can always go with bold deep shades.

Darker colors can be used to accentuate certain architectural features (e.g. built-in wall shelves) or simply to provoke visual interest. When painting a small room with darker hues, go with a glossy, instead of matte finish, because it can reflect light making the space appear bigger.


Beige for days!

Keep the Knick-Knacks at a Minimum:

If you followed every conservative décor rule, you would leave your favorite vase, your travel souvenirs, and all of your lovable knick-knacks in the attic, since you wouldn’t display them in your small room. But, if you ignore the naysayers, you will fill your room with charming accessories which will turn an ordinary space into a home.


Cool kitsch

Avoid Large Scale Patterns:

“Sure, you can use patterns in a small room, but only teeny-tiny polka dots.” Forget all about that and go with bold patterns. Go back to the ‘80s and revive the popular trend of flame stitch patterns or vivid floral motifs. Introduce patterns with wallpaper, upholstery, drapes, rugs, and accessories such as throw pillows, tablecloths, etc.

Stay Away from Large Furniture:

Your small room doesn’t have to look like a Barbie’s house. Small furniture in a small room can only hurt its functionality and comfort. Sometimes it is better to rely on your sense of design and decoration instead of sticking to some preset rules. One large bulky piece of furniture can make a room more inviting and open. If you are planning to include such a piece, opt for a sitting item, such as a sectional sofa.


Tres chic

Heavy Drapes Are a Big No-No:

One of the most common misconceptions about interior design is that bare windows make a space look bigger. Bare windows might work in some cases, especially when the view is great, but not always. Contrary to the popular opinion, heavy drapes, especially when hung very close to the ceiling, can make the room look taller thus making it visually more spacious.

Compromise on Dining Area:

An open-space concept in a small apartment means that some things have to be left out. The most common choice is the dining table. It is more often than not reduced to a kitchen island with chairs or a foldable table in some corner. It doesn’t have to be like that. You don’t have to go with a full-blown 12-seat table, but you can downsize it to 4 seats. Then, you can still host your friends and family comfortably for dinner and drinks.


Pexels Image

Go with Matchy-Matchy:

Introducing matching patterns and colors is one of the basic rules of interior design, and it is especially used in small spaces to avoid overwhelming them with too much stuff. Go against this rule and don’t coordinate colors and patterns, and you’ll get a fun and interesting result. However, be careful not to overdo it, this rule is here for a reason. Try to display colors and patterns in pairs (e.g. two striped cushions + two green candles).


Pretty in pink

Stop sacrificing the personality of your small room just to create an illusion of a few extra square inches. When you go for a rebellious design approach – the sky is your limit.

^^^ Shout out to Chloe for such a fab post! -Sarah

Featured Image By: Pexels


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