Need More Space in Your Home? Try These Storage Ideas!


In every home, there tends to be a need for more space. We have more things that we need to store or our home needs to function for a few purposes. With more and more people working from home at least one day a week, you need a spare room that doubles up as an office or a dining room that will work as a study, too. Additional storage is a must for this kind of thing. So if you are short on storage space and looking to make your home more functional, what can you do? Here are a few ideas to help you maximize the space in your home.

Convert the Garage: Are you someone that doesn’t really use the garage to it’s full potential? Do you just use it to park your car but nothing more? If that is the case, then it can be a huge space for you to convert and create an additional room in. First of all, if you have a driveway, then does your car need to be stored in the garage at all? Second of all, you need to think about getting some storage units in the garage. Maximize the space that you have by using shelving in the garage, as well as using hooks to hang things from the ceiling. When you aren’t using the floor space, it really does make a difference. You could use the garage, or at least half of it, as a family room or office. Just make sure that you put in more insulation or heating and get good rolling garage doors & gates. Otherwise, it could be a bit cold in there!


Flickr Image

Open Up Your Entryway: The entrance hall can be a busy space in the home. It can get cluttered with shoes, coats, and book or work bags. This can make it can look messy and smaller than it actually is. If you have space, then think about getting something like a bench. Then people can use it to put shoes on and spread out a little bit. If there wouldn’t be room for that, just make sure that you have got plenty of space for shoes and coats by using things like hooks and racks. When an area is organized, it looks much better and makes the space look larger, too.

Create More Storage with Furniture: In rooms like living areas or dining areas, you need extra storage space. These are the rooms that get the most cluttered, aren’t they? They are high traffic areas and where most people gather. So think about ways to use your furniture wisely to create more space. Think about ottoman style coffee tables. They can be lifted to store things like remote controls, games consoles, and magazines, for example. You could get a TV cabinet or coffee table with shelving built in. Then you can store books, DVDs, and video games. Wooden boxes could also be used to store things in like kids toys or throws and blankets. Personalize the boxes to make them your own and you will have a one of a kind bin for all of your odds and ends.

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