Let’s Get Cooking! Check Out These Easy Kitchen Renovations

Let’s Get Cooking! Check Out These Easy Kitchen Renovations

Christmas is finally over, and hopefully you and your family had an incredible time. If you hosted Christmas this year, you probably had a more stressful time than most people who were guests at other people’s houses. When you invite guests into your home and you have to cook a big dinner for them, you might realize that your kitchen isn’t quite up to scratch. If the holidays shocked you into wanting to make some changes to one of the most important rooms in your home, read on for some tips…

Storage: If you’re finding it hard to find everything in your kitchen, it’s time to improve your storage. A lot of the time, drawers that pull out will make it easier to find items like pots and pans than it is to rummage through cupboards. Make sure that everything is clearly labelled so you know exactly where it is. If you simply don’t have enough cupboard space, go for shelves instead – decant your flour, sugar and other ingredients into labelled airtight jars so they’re a feature of the room as well as easy to use. Break out the label maker or post its until everyone in the home gets the hang of where things go!

Sinks: If your sink isn’t quite big enough, it’s time to get a new one installed. It’s important to have enough space to comfortably be able to do your washing up in the evenings. If there are other issues with your sink like water pressure or the general look of it, you could have the faucets replaced – check out a site like Faucet Assistant to find the faucets to best suit you and your family.


Get yo clean onnnn

Cabinets: A lot of the time, your cabinets can make or break the look of your kitchen. Replacing them is a huge and expensive job that can take up a lot of your time and money, but it’s definitely possible to revamp them without doing anything too major. If they’re made of wood, you can sand them and strip them down, before revarnishing or repainting them to make them look how you want them to. You could also replace the handles or knobs with new ones that you’ve bought online. Find some quirky cool ones and it will be an instant conversation starter when you’re hosting guests.

Floors: It’s very important that you stay safe in the kitchen, where you might be walking around carrying knives, boiling water, and heavy serving plates. It’s important to make sure that the floor is even and not too slippery. If you have any rugs and mats on the floor, make sure they’re fully flat and fastened to the floor so you don’t trip over them. What a disaster that would be!


Pixabay Image

Seating: Before you invest in new seating, it’s absolutely crucial that you consider your individual family’s needs and how you use the kitchen. If you don’t eat in there, or if you prefer your dining room, then there’s no point in taking up a lot of space with a huge dining table! In that case, a breakfast bar and a couple of stools might be a better option. If you want to turn your kitchen into the hub of the house and tempt your recalcitrant teenage children to have dinner with you, make sure that your chairs are soft and cushioned for those sullen, hunched shoulders!


Breakfast nook!! <333

Featured Image By: Pexels


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