Live Well And Be Happy! Bringing Luxury Into Your Living Room


In this day and age, it’s important to try to live well. Of course, it’s just as important to live within your means so you don’t have any financial problems or get into any debt, but equally, if you have the cash, it’s important to try to enjoy it with a little luxury in your everyday life. Maybe you do that by using high quality toiletries – there’s nothing like hand soap that moisturizes as well as cleans. Or maybe you like to check out the occasional high priced restaurant in the city where you live. No matter what your vice is, though, we all have a home – and we all like for it to look good. Here are some luxurious touches you can add to your living room for a dose of comfort and glam:

A New Couch: First things first: do you need a new couch? If yours is starting to make protesting, grumbling noises and creaks every time you get up, then it’s probably time to go for a new couch – for example, check out the Duresta sofas and chairs. You want to make sure that you get a couch that looks good but that you can curl up on during the long winter evenings. And speaking of that…


 Lol at her book!

Comfortable Throws: What’s the point of a couch if you don’t have a throw to snuggle up beneath? Of course you’ll need soft pillows too, but the throws are really where it’s at. Go for soft, colorful wool that you can keep folded on the back of the couch during the day. If you’re feeling decadent, you could go for fake fur so you can imagine you’re on Game Of Thrones as you watch it on TV. And seriously, who doesn’t want that?


 Pixabay Image

Surround Sound: If you enjoy watching TV, then go for some new speakers and surround sound. It might not be great to feel like you’re in the aforementioned Game Of Thrones – what if you die? They all seem to die a lot – but as a general rule, better sound is always good for your TV and to enhance your viewing experience. Speaking of sound systems, you might want to check out Graham Slee HiFi sale & deals to further improve any of your musical endeavors with the best preamps.


 Pexels Image

Blackout Blinds: If you don’t have blackout blinds in all of your rooms, it’s time to invest in some. Make sure you keep them pulled back during the day so they let some daylight and heat into the room, but at night you can draw them. Not only does this mean you won’t have to deal with any creepy reflections late at night, but it’ll also keep the heat in, meaning your heating bill will go down. But mainly creepy reflections – Yikes!


 Make sure you give your plants some light!

Add Some Art: If you’re into art, your living room is the perfect place to put it. Make sure that you don’t overwhelm the space – don’t put more than one piece on each wall. You could even go for just one spectacular piece, like a piece of sculpture or a painting that stretches the length of the wall. If it’s a really incredible, breath-taking piece then you can arrange the rest of the furniture around it so it becomes the focal point of the room and people will pay attention to it.


 Check out local artists for a one of a kind piece!

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