Dreaming Of Your December Decor Yet?

Dreaming Of Your December Decor Yet?

I know it’s early still, but why not get excited about the upcoming holidays? I know I am! All the magic and atmosphere of those few short weeks brings a little cheer that can last through the entire winter. And you get to spend all that extra time with your lovely family! There’s food, drinks, friends, gifts, and lots of lovely decorations. What’s not to like?

Whether you’re a Scrooge with no fairy lights or a grid grinder that lights up the whole street, the festive period should bring you some joy. Most of us like a small number of twinkling fairy lights on the tree. And if you have kids, you might add some outdoor lights to your roof line as well. If you’re worried about the cost, or the effect on the environment, consider LEDs. They use far less energy so they’re much cheaper to run. You can also add a timer so the lights go out automatically when you want them to.

If you love crafts and DIY, you might work on a festive project each year to create your own decorations. Perhaps you like to paint a snowy scene? Or maybe make your own paper chains to hang around the room? Of course, if you prefer to buy good quality tree decorations or fun Christmas ornaments, they will last for years and can be used again and again. Pick a theme that means something special to you and your family. Or choose something quirky each year to bring a smile to all of your faces.

If you’re like me, buying gifts might be your most favorite part of the season. Or it might be the bit that you dread the most! It’s always fun, though, if you take someone along with you. A friend, mom, or sister could be the perfect companion to help you make some fun gift choices. Stop off at a cafe for an eggnog and Christmas cookies! Make a fun day of it and you’ll soon be in the festive spirit.

Real tree or artificial? There are lots of reasons for choosing an artificial tree. They can be reused. You can leave the decorations on all year while it’s in storage. And you won’t get all the mess. But you also won’t get that lovely scent. You won’t get the joy of picking the perfect size for your tiny apartment. And you won’t have all the fun of dragging it down the street! Personally, my family has had the same artificial tree for years and the best thing about it is that you don’t have to take it down right away out of festiveness or laziness. Regardless of the reason, my family tree may or may not have been up until May of last year…

Do you like to have a festive centerpiece on the table for your Christmas dinner? You can make them quite easily with a few crafting essentials. Choose candles or battery powered lights for a warm glow. Just make sure your other table decorations are fire proof! Do you add decorations to your wine glasses? Glass charms come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Pick a festive set, and charm your own glasses.

It’s lots of fun decorating the tree and the rest of the house for the festive period. It can be a good way to come together as a family, too. Best of all, it’s something wonderful to enjoy looking at for a few weeks while the weather is bad!

What is your favorite holiday decoration? What was the longest that you ever had a Christmas tree up for? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

Featured Image By: Flickr

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