Bath & Body Works September Freebies

Bath & Body Works September Freebies

Hellooo everyone and happy Thursday! This month’s Bath & Body Works freebie haul was a particularly good one because I ended up getting three free travel sized item coupons in the mail. I’m not really sure why I got three of the same coupons considering I only put my email address info in every time that I stop in the store but hey, I’ll take it! My three free travel sized lotions ended up being a fifteen dollar value that I didn’t have to pay a penny for. Take a look at the freebies that I chose for the month of September:


My freebies for September were travel sized lotions of B&BW’s French Lavender & Honey, Orchard Leaves & Blue Sky, and Pretty as a Peach. I blogged about Pretty as a Peach before so feel free to read that post which I have linked but if not, just know that I love it very much. As far as the French Lavender & Honey goes… I LOVE THAT, TOO! My best friend got me that scent for Christmas, I believe, and I’m seriously obsessed. The only way that I can describe its smell is that it smells SO GOOD! Lol, I can’t even put a finger on how I would describe the scent to you but I promise that it has the Lil Red stamp of approval for anyone interested in trying it.

One of the newer B&BW scents is Orchard Leaves & Blue Sky and it is a lovely fall fragrance. If you could bottle up the scent of a brisk, autumn day, then that’s what this lotion would smell like. As soon as you take a sniff of the lotion, you can smell the autumnal inspiration by taking in the scents of the crisp fall air and bright red apples picked fresh from the orchard. This lotion is like nothing that I’ve had before and since I love anything with even the slightest hint of apple fragrance, I really enjoy it! It is a great scent to welcome fall with and it would make an amazing addition to an autumn themed gift basket for a friend (or yourself!).

If you are interested in receiving coupons from Bath & Body Works, make sure you enter your email address or phone number when shopping in store or online!

So there you have it, my Bath & Body Works September Freebies! What is your favorite B&BW scent? How about your favorite seasonal scents that they carry? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah


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  1. French Lavender and Honey sounds divine! I haven’t shopped there in awhile, but I use to be obsessed with their coconut lime verbena. I also always loved their fall scents anything pumpkin and caramel not only smells a,aging but makes me hungry too! šŸ˜‰ ā¤


  2. I use their foaming hand soaps the most. Loving lemon buttercream in the kitchen right now and several other summer fruity scents in the rest of the house, but looking forward to pumpkin cupcake. I think there is another pumpkin spice one I fell in love with last year, but I’ve yet to gather up my coupons and make a run for fall scents. Of course my absolute favorite is black cherry merlot. I think that one started as a fall scent and now carries year round. Because it smells sooo good.


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