May TJs Trip

May TJs Trip

Heyy everyone and happy Thursday! I hope everyone is having a fabulous week so far. Okay, I swear this is my last time posting about shopping trips to TJMaxx for a while (until June, anyways!) but this time my mom and I really couldn’t help ourselves! It was a dreary weekend night and we both had errands to run in a shopping area that had a TJs so we figured that we might as well stop in to take a look around. Our “looking around” resulted in a haul of more wonderful products from The Body Shop, a new shirt for me, and a new top and workout apparel for my mom. I’ll post pics of my recent clothing purchases later on in the week but for now, check out the latest goodies that we snagged fresh from TBS:


The Haul:

  • Jumbo Pink Grapefruit shower gel
  • Virgin Mojito body butter
  • Jumbo Strawberry body butter
  • Jumbo Olive body butter
  • Jumbo Moringa body butter

We Spent: Less than fifty dollars

In store Value: OVER $120!!!!

Okay, so I know it looks bad but I promise it wasn’t that bad! The Virgin Mojito body butter was for my sister and the Olive butter was for my dad to match the jumbo shower gel that we got him a few weeks ago. There was only one Strawberry butter there which was a must for me because I freaking love that scent. There was also only one left of the Pink Grapefruit gel which my mom just had to get to match the jumbo butter from the last haul.

The Moringa butter was a scent that we were both shocked that we liked as much as we did. When I worked at TBS, Moringa was the “it” fragrance. Young girls, teenagers, and adults alike all flooded in to snag the Moringa butters, gels, and lotions. Because it was all Moringa everything during my time at The Body Shop I naturally couldn’t stand the scent since I was surrounded by it daily. But after I took a smell of the butter after years of not working there, the strangest thing happened…I kind of liked it! My mom loved the scent, too, so into our shopping cart it went.

Thanks to TJMaxx we are now overflowing with products from The Body Shop at home that are seriously going to last us for the year. After I finish the lotion that I’m currently using from Victoria’s Secret, I plan on breaking out my Vineyard Peach body butter from a previous TJs trip which will be perfect to welcome the warm summer weather with! I also can’t wait to use my Cocoa Butter which is another one of my classic TBS favorites! Next time you make a trip to TJs or Marshall’s, do make sure that you check out their bath and body care section because you never know what good stuff you’re going to find!

So there you have it, my May TJs Trip! As always, it’s a wonderful time going out and spending time with my beloved madre and I can’t wait to do it again next month! Where are my religious TJMaxx shoppers at? What is the latest item that you scored from there? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

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    • Oh yes, or after a bath! Post bath time is my favorite time for lotion! I’m so excited to have such a wide variety of scents to pick from now! I’m pretty stoked about the satsuma I have stashed for the summer 🙂

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