My Positivity Playlist

My Positivity Playlist

So whenever I’m feeling a little down in the dumps, I always tend to gravitate towards my depressing music – which I’m sure is true for a lot of you guys as well. Today I made it a point to only play songs on my iPod that hype me up and make me happy while I was getting ready for the day. Like my cover image says: Every minute spent frowning is sixty seconds of smiling wasted. Besides, it takes more muscles to frown than to smile if I’m not mistaken! So here’s a few songs that I played today that really helped send a surge of positivity through my veins!

Adam Lambert: If I had You. I looooove this song. It makes me want to get up and dance and be as sassy as possible. (I can’t promise you that I looked good while dancing though – but I had fun and that’s all that matters!)

Bleached: Dead in Your Head. This song is full of girl power fun. I was introduced to Bleached at PacSun and am so glad for that. You can also hear this song played on MTV on commercials and in an episode of Awkward.

Cobra Starship: Nice Guys Finish Last. PLEEEASE judge me for getting down to some Cobra Starship, I dare you 😉 They definitely are a guilty pleasure of mine. But that’s the beauty of a positivity playlist – if the song makes you happy then who cares if it sucks?!

Taylor Swift: Shake it Off. I know, I know – shocking. I actually hate Taylor Swift, BUT my mom loves her so I’m forced to hear this song on the radio a lot in the car. “Don’t turn it off Sarah!” This tune grew on me like a fungus and I’m surprised to say I’m not even mad about it!

Mika: Love Today. If you read my past article Lil Red Recommends – part 3, you’ll already know how much I love Mika. This song is probably one of my favorites of his. I love trying to match his falsetto and doing many a hair whips to the beat, a la Willow Smith 😉

Pharrell: Gust Of Wind. This song is FANTASTIC. I loved whenever we would play it at Pac so very much. The lyrics are pretty out there “when I open the window, I wanna hug you, cause you remind me of the air”. So it’s fun to mumble along with what you think are the correct lyrics while Pharrell sings away.

Jonas Brothers: Burnin’ Up. Once again, a MAJOR guilty pleasure! I love those damn Jo-Bros so much it hurts. This song is one of myself and sisters’ funky time jams. Every time we take a longer drive together to where ever we need to be, rest assured that this song plays at least once. High heels (high heels), Red dress (RED DRESS!!!!!)

The Kills: Sour Cherry. Ha cha cha, this song is sassy sexy fun. Alison Mosshart’s sultry voice instantly makes me feel like a bad ass whenever I hear it. Dancing to this little ditty involves a lot of head banging and hip shaking! 😉

Christina Aguilera: Fighter. Oh yes. This song is actually one of my favorites of all time. It has a positive impact on me whether I’m playing it when I’m happy or sad. You know that a song is great when it has the ability to do that. The music video is gorgeous, and XTina’s vocals are never better on this track.

Dexy’s Midnight Runners: Come On Eileen. Nothing says “cheer up” more than a classic 80’s one hit wonder. Fun fact, this song was named the top one hit wonder of the 80’s by vh1! Whenever I hear this song, I wanna put on a pair of overalls and a straw hat and line dance the day away. I dare you to not sing the falsetto hollering of “come on Eileen!” whenever it happens in the song. It’s a must.

So there you have it, ten of the many songs that hype me up. These tunes are sure fire ways to put a smile on my face. What are your favorite positive anthems? What should I add to my playlist? Leave me a comment and let’s chat! -Sarah

Leave me a comment and let's chat!

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