The worst backhanded compliment of all time:

The worst backhanded compliment of all time:

If there’s one “compliment” that I truly HATE getting it’s “you lost weight”. I’m an extremely petite girl, I’m barely over 5’1 and weigh about 112 pounds. However, there’s one problem that I’ve always struggled with. My breast size. I’ve always felt that they were extremely disproportionate to my small frame, and in the summer of 2013 I made the decision to get a breast reduction. It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. My plastic surgeon did an incredible job of making my breasts way more proportionate to my body and I was immensely pleased with the results. One of my major problems with my former boobs were how big they made me appear. People usually associate a heavy chested girl with her being heavy in general. But for me, that was so not the case. It feels amazing to be small and appear small all over, without the illusion of extra weight from a huge rack. After my surgery, I’ve had quite a few people who haven’t seen me for a while tell me “you lost so much weight!” and it honestly makes me feel really bad. What? Was I fat before? As a girl who struggles with her body image like CRAZY, hearing those dreaded words uttered is the absolute last thing I need. Just yesterday when I was at work I had someone who I went to high school with tell me “you lost a ton of weight”, and it really just made me feel like shit. I don’t think any one understands that if I could have just cut my boobs off myself years ago that I would have. It’s time to get real, and tell you guys that I struggled with bulimia for a very long time. I haven’t purged in a while, but the mental recovery from the eating disorder is just as hard. Hearing this guy yesterday comment on my weight was enough to put me in a major slump. It’s always hard not to purge when I start feeling extra bad about my body. However, I know that I’m a strong individual, and I’m not gonna ruin all the progress I’ve made over one asshole. This is also me urging all of you to think before you speak. You might think telling someone that it looks like they’ve lost weight might be an awesome compliment to give, but there are people, like myself who struggle with self image more than you know, and might take great offense to that statement. I’m very proud of the way I look now, and I’m not afraid to show that. Here’s my body: I feel beautiful and I’m not ashamed at all anymore. Have a great night guys. Be kind to one another. -Sarah


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