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American Horror Story – Episode 6

American Horror Story – Episode 6

Hello hello! So this review of “Bullseye” which was episode six of American Horror Story: Freak Show is going to be short and sweet. Partially because I’m exhausted and I have to be up early for school tomorrow AND also because this wasn’t a very exciting episode. Nothing too important happened tonight, but let me give you the main high lights and then we’ll call it a night. Ya dig?

Dandy’s new playmates: As you know, last weeks episode ended with Elsa dropping Bette and Dotte onto Dandy’s doorstep. We learn after Gloria passes a serving platter with condoms on it to Dandy that she would love for him to mate with the twins. She states that inbreeding has caused the Mott family enough turmoil already. However, Dandy states that he would never violate the girls because he loves them. “I’m going to marry those girls, mother. And we’re going to be together forever.” As usual, the twins have extremely opposing opinions as to how they view Dandy boy. Naturally, Bette absolutely adores him while Dotte despises him. We learn later when Dandy reads her journal that he bores her and she can’t bear living with him. But Dotte is crafty. After Dandy reads a newspaper article to the girls about the first set of conjoined twins being separated, Dotte decides it would be beneficial to keep on Dandy and his money’s good side so the surgery can be performed on her and Bette.


Paul is GETTIN IT: Tonight we learn a little bit more about Paul AKA “The Illustrated Seal”, who turns out to be quite the ladies man. HUBBA HUBBA. First we see Paul shacking up with Elsa, which was kind of a shocker. THEN flash forward thirty seconds later and we find him in bed with none other than the hospital worker who participated in the freak show orgy in the season premiere. It turns out Mr. Paul fell in love with this gal while he was banging her with the freak show crew. Well played. Not only is Paul getting ass for days, but he also displays some street smarts through out the episode tonight as well. He becomes keen to the possibility that Elsa may have had something to do with Bette and Dotte’s disappearance from the carnival. He confides his suspicions to Jimmy which results in a slap in the face from him. Jimmy claims that Paul is ungrateful and that he should remember all of the good that Elsa has done for the troupe. A night goes by and Paul is back in Elsa’s tent – he tries to leave without giving Elsa a good night kiss but miss girl is NOT having that. She beckons him over but can instantly smell the perfume of his other woman. “You reek of Venisian Romance”. Once she learns of the betrayal of her lover she calls a troupe meeting because she’s well aware of the shit talking that’s happening in regards to the twins’ disappearance. Elsa throws a BF (#bitchfit) and questions where everyone’s loyalty and faith in her has went. She then says that the only way for her to trust in any of the crew is if they trust in her. She insists upon one of the freaks getting hooked onto the spinning bullseye wheel while she displays her knife throwing skills. Jimmy volunteers, but Paul steps forward saying that it should be him. So onto the wheel Paul goes while Amazon Eve spins it. The first two knives Miss Elsa throws land safely, but the third one goes straight into her target’s stomach. Ouch. Moral of the story? Don’t betray Elsa. *Snaps fingers*


Stanley and Maggie’s evil plans: The twins are gone, so the con artists Stanley and Maggie need a new victim to get a big paycheck from. Stanley makes it apparent that he wants Jimmy’s lobster claws, but Maggie vetoes this idea since she now has the hots for Jimmy. She suggests a different alternative – Ma Petite. “It will be quick, easy, and she won’t fight back.” Stanley approves the plan, and leaves Maggie to do the dirty work. Miss Esmeralda sneaks into Ma Petite’s tent in the middle of the night and wakes her up. She tells the tiny princess that she has a surprise for her in a barn by the camp grounds. While Maggie walks with the little one in her arms she exclaims “the moon is beautiful! You are beautiful!” Ugh. So. Fucking. Cute. Once in the barn, Maggie tells Ma Petite that they’re going to play a game. She says she’s going to put Ma Petite in one of the glass jars already prepared in the barn. “Like a butterfly?!” The little one asks. “Like a butterfly,” Maggie confirms. While the sweet girl is in the jar flapping her hands like wings, Maggie holds a bottle of what appears to be some type of poison over the jar. Thankfully she couldn’t bring herself to commit the deed because the next morning she appears with Ma Petite in her arms to get breakfast. Afterwards, Maggie tells Jimmy to run away with her. To up and leave to where ever they want to go. They share a kiss and Jimmy tells her to pack her bags. Miss girl runs to her tent only to find Stanley there with the command to lure Jimmy to the barn so he can get a hold of his lobster claws. Bastard. -_____-

ma petite

We end the episode with sweet Dandy Boy delivering a weird monologue to his mother about how he was born to bring death and that he’ll never experience love and blah blah blah. When suddenly, Jimmy shows up at the door. (Jimmy is told by Paul that Dandy might have something to do with the disappearance of the twins because of an encounter he had with him at a drug store. While at the check out counter, Paul saw Dandy purchasing a bunch of female items – in sets of two.) So here Jimmy is being escorted into the Mott residence. Little does he know, before his arrival Dandy has placed a dagger in the back of his pants. Duhhh duhhh duhhhhnnnnn.

Alright so there you have it. If you’ve read this article you’ve basically gotten the gist of episode six of American Horror Story: Freak Show. Congratulations! With that, I am off to bed. If you have any questions or concerns, please leave me a comment and let’s chat! Goodnight. -Sarah

American Horror Story – Episode 5

American Horror Story – Episode 5

Wow! Okay, a lot of really important stage setters happened in “Pink Cupcakes”, episode five of American Horror Story: Freak Show. Let’s discuss some of the important information that we learned in tonight’s episode.

1) Stanley is a slime ball: “Pink Cupcakes” opens up with Maggie and Stanley in a motel room discussing their game plan for the murder of the freaks in Elsa’s troupe. With the bodies of the freaks, they’ll both make a pretty penny at the Museum of Morbidity’s in town. Maggie is firm in her stance of not wanting to murder anyone, but Stanley urges her that “accidents can happen.” After a demand of increasing her percentage of the pay, Maggie agrees to Stanley’s delight. “Fraulein Elsa’s cabinet of curiosities is about to be a cabin of bad luck” he says. Maggie is Stanley’s way in to the freak show, as she is posing as a fortune teller there. While she does her thing, Stanley poses as Mr. Spencer – a talent agent from Hollywood “the land of dreams” as he calls it. Naturally, Elsa takes great interest in Mr. Spencer since she’s trying to make her dreams of being a star a reality. Spencer discusses the possibility of Elsa being on television and having her own TV hour, much to her disdain. Elsa claims that television takes away from the beauty of the silver screen. “I would rather be boiled in oil than to be on television.” However, her mind changes in a jiffy after she gets booed off stage during her performance at a full house night at the freak show. She invites Mr. Spencer back into her tent and asks him to “tell me more about this television”. So, now we have Miss Elsa feeling good – we see her in a montage of sassiness, getting all dolled up for a publicity shoot to the tune of David Bowie’s “Fame”. As miss thing is leaving the tent, she sees none other than Bette and Dotte, the conjoined twins leaving in Mr. Spencer’s car instead. Here is when things get fishy. We see the girls and Spencer sitting in a beautiful park having a picnic, supposedly discussing the opportunity for the twins to have their own TV show, the “Tatler Sister’s Hour”. To celebrate, Mr. Spencer offers the ladies two gorgeous pink cupcakes. “Pink cupcakes?! What a treat!” Bette exclaims in delight. Then we flash to a scene where we see Spencer injecting the cupcakes with some type of poison. Bette takes a big bite of her cupcake and then begins to cough. “It serves you right for being such a glutton” Dotte says. As Dotte snaps her sassy remark, Bette begins to foam at the mouth and we flash to see the sisters laying in bed. For Bette, it very well could be her death bed. Mr. Spencer then lashes out at Dotte, appearing to try and choke her while saying “you should have just ate a cupcake!” Thankfully for the girls, this is just what Mr. Spencer wishes would happen. We then flash back to the picnic where Dotte turns down the treats saying, “No cupcakes. We have to watch our figure if we’re going to be television personalities.”

Desiree’s one hundred percent womanhood: It’s a full house night at the freak show, and Del Toledo is no where to be found. So, off Jimmy runs to Del and his wife Desiree’s tent. Miss Dupree is unaware of her husbands whereabouts and is clearly intoxicated. Jimmy sits down beside Desiree and she begins to tell him her woes about Del and his behaviors. She talks about how happy that he used to make her feel. She confesses “I never felt more alive in my life and now I feel nothing but empty.” Jimmy then leans in for a smooch and Miss Dupree asks the Lobster Boy to make her feel again 😉 All is going well until Jimmy’s heavy duty fingering causes her to bleed. Once Desiree is at the doctor’s office, accompanied by Ethel, she learns some shocking news. The bleeding caused by Jimmy’s pleasure claws was actually a miscarriage. The doctor goes on to tell Desiree that she is in fact one hundred percent woman. He tells her that her body had too much testosterone in it and it began to rapidly produce estrogen to compromise for it. Explaining her third breast and her enlarged clitoris which she thought was a “dang a lang”. The doctor let’s her know that all of these body mishaps could be fixed via cosmetic surgery and he’d be happy to do it.

Del Toledo’s sexuality: In tonight’s episode we are taken to what appears to be a gay bar of some sort, where we see none other than the strong man himself, Del Toledo. We see him sitting with a young man named Andy, whom we later learn is a prostitute. The boys are discussing Andy’s artwork, as he likes to sketch and Andy confides in Del that he’d like to go out west and do caricature drawings for a band that’s on tour. Del vetoes this idea though, saying that “if you’re getting out of this place, it’s going to be with me”. Del then professes his love for Andy. The feeling doesn’t seem to be entirely mutual though. In tears he talks about the hurt his body experiences while performing as the strong man, he then utters a line that I loved so much “There is nothing worse than the hurt of loving someone you can’t have.” #TRUE. Del then exits the bar and goes back to his and his wife’s tent, only to find Desiree with her bags packed. She tells him that she’s moving into Ethel’s tent and that she’s a woman through and through. Miss Dupree also let’s Del know that once she gets her cosmetic surgery she’ll be a normal woman and “too much woman for you to handle”. MEOW. At the very end of the episode, we see Del in the doctor’s office. He threatens the doctor and his family if he performs any type of surgery on Desiree. To ensure that the doctor keeps his surgical hands to himself, Del breaks both of them. RUDE.

Dandy’s serial killer quest: Alright! We all know that Dandy is totally bat shit crazy by now but this episode delves even deeper into that. Tonight we learned that Dandy wants to be the greatest serial killer of all time. We see him working out in a montage of weirdness. He proclaims that his problems stem from not having a creative outlet since his mother, Gloria wouldn’t let him be an actor. “I hate her!” He screams in his montage while breaking a mirror. While toning and perfecting his body he claims “This body is America. Strong, violent, and full of limitless potential.” Well shit – someone’s cocky! Then, in true serial killer fashion he goes on to say “my body holds a heart that cannot love.” #classic. Sweet Dandy Boy mentions Twisty the Clown and how it was he that introduced him to the art of murder. With that Dandy is off to none other than the same gay bar that Del Toledo has just stormed out of and a distressed Andy is now accompanied by a handsome stranger. Dandy takes the prostitute to his old stomping grounds of Twisty’s van. He tells Andy that he wants them both to turn around with their backs facing each other and take off their clothes. On the count of three, they’ll both turn around. On Andy’s third count, Dandy turns around with Twisty’s smiling mask and stabs Andy repeatedly. “Rule number one of a good killer” Dandy says, “make sure all of the evidence is gone. Start with the limbs.” We then see him throw an amputated arm into a bath tub of sulfuric acid. He then goes back into the van, but the prostitute has not yet died. “How can you still be alive?!” Dandy cries, “you’re making me feel bad!” At this point, Andy is pleading for death and Dandy Boy, being the merciful killer that he is delivers the final stabs into his victims back.


One final surprise: Once Elsa learns of Bette and Dotte’s television show plans, she tells the girls that Mr. Spencer has asked her to mentor them. She tells the twins that she has booked them an appointment with a stylist in town for the following morning. So off the ladies go, but the twins discover that they’re not being driven into town but to the front door step of Miss Gloria and Dandy’s home. “I believe I have something that you want,” Elsa declares as she gestures grandly to the girls. Uh oh!!!!

That was some pretty heavy stuff! I thought that “Pink Cupcakes” was a fantastic filler episode. We learned a lot of new secrets about our beloved freak show troupe and it will definitely create some intense drama next week! What did you guys love about tonight’s episode? What did you hate? Leave me a comment and let’s chat! Goodnight. -Sarah

American Horror Story – Episode 4

American Horror Story – Episode 4

Alright, A LOT happened in tonight’s episode of American Horror Story: Freak Show. It was the part two episode to last weeks “Edward Mordrake”. Quite frankly, I don’t really wish to discuss anything other than the man behind the mask of Twisty the Clown.



Twisty the Clown’s Back Story:

If you would be so kind as to remember Edward Mordrake (Wes Bentley), you’ll recall that he’s in search of a freak to add to his undead troupe. To find who he is looking for, he interrogates the performers – digging into their dark past. Their traumas, regrets, sins – Edward wants to know. Mordrake stumbled upon our friend Twisty, in the middle of his questioning of Elsa (who’s back story I will discuss later.) Mordrake becomes interrupted from his interrogation once he hears the music of Twisty’s tiny toy piano, which he is playing to accompany Dandy’s Halloween performance of tricks and treats. He follows the music to find Twisty, whom he urges to remove his mask. The clown refuses, and Edward basically tells him don’t make me make you. With that, our misunderstood friend removes his mask. As you can see in the picture posted above, he looks so sad to reveal himself. The poor thing looked like he was in pain. For the first time in season four, we get to hear Twisty’s voice. And with that, we begin to learn about what turned this man into a killer. “I was a good clown,” he began, “the children loved me. I made them laugh.” We are then taken back in time, to when Twisty was a performer at a freak show. He was a clown for the children. Entertaining them with fun tricks and balloon animals. He was a hit. Unfortunately, his popularity was not met with kindness from the rest of the freak show troupe who made claims of their seniority. Then they made a cruel, sick lie saying that Twisty was getting a little too friendly with the children whom he so loved to perform for. One night after a performance, the troupe invites our clown to sit around the fire. Twisty is clearly mentally disabled and his cast mates call him “simpleton”. They ask the clown “why he talks so stupid? Did your mom drop you on the head?” “How did you know?!!” Twisty replies, “too many cocktails.” The troupe then begins to tell Twisty how everyone knows what he did to the children, and that soon the police are going to come for him. “You better run,” they said. And so he did. Twisty ran back to his home in Jupiter, only to find that his mother was dead. To try and make some good out of his sickly sad situation, Twisty tries to make toys. He creates simple contraptions that he thinks are sure to entertain, and then off he goes to the toy store to try and pitch his ideas. When his toys are turned down, it deeply upset him and the owner threatens to call the police if he doesn’t leave. And so he left. This disappointment was the straw that broke this young mans back, and he attempted suicide. He put what appeared to be a hunting rifle into his mouth, and pulled the trigger. “I was too dumb to kill myself,” he said. While his face was bandaged and healing, he made an outline of a smiling face on the bandages with his blood. And so his mask was formed. Off Twisty ran to Elsa’s freak show. Only to see that all of the children that Twisty loved to do tricks for were there. The freak show stole the children, and Twisty had to get them back. He began killing parents and kidnapping the children. “I didn’t make them do chores, I gave them candy, I got them a pretty babysitter (our heroine amongst the kidnapped), I was a good clown.” After Twisty told his tale, Edward Mordrake stated “you have made the demon weep.” He told the clown to rise, and killed him, to make him part of his undead troupe. Twisty was then reincarnated in the same ghostly form as Mordrake. “Come, my brother,” Edward says as he helps him up. Once Twisty rises, we see the man who he used to be. It was the most strangely beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.

I’ll be the first one to say that I absolutely bawled my eyes out during Twisty’s back story. It broke my heart to see such an innocent being become completely sabotaged by the mean hearted carnival troupe members. The entire time Twisty was telling his story, I couldn’t help but think about just how innocent he is. His reasoning behind his murders and kidnappings was so childlike that it almost made sense when he described it. This villain was so misunderstood his entire life, and I could feel my heart going out to him and sympathizing with him the entire time. Saying that I bawled my eyes out was an understatement….I was ugly crying.

Tonight we learned another very important back story. Miss Elsa’s. Her past was equally as tragic as Twisty’s in her own right.

Elsa’s Back Story:

During Edward Mordrake’s interrogation of Elsa, we learn about her deepy troubled and tragic past. We are taken back in time to the Wiemar Republic in Germany circa 1932. We are taken into a brothel, where we bear witness to unspeakable sexual acts, until we get to the very back room. There, we meet the ghost of Elsa’s past – a leather clad dominatrix. We see her emasculating a young soldier by putting a dog collar on his neck and making him walk on his hands and knees. “Walk, schnauzer.” “Does the puppy have to go pee pee?” She asks him. She then walks the man to a toilet with nails sticking out of it and forces him to sit. Ouch. Miss Elsa begins building a reputation as the gal to go to for some creative sexual torture. She gained an audience of people whom she called “watchers” who would sit through her sessions with her victims. “I was the star.” Flash forward to a new scene, where we learn that Elsa got asked to be filmed by one of the watchers. While she is on the bed, the camera man urges her to have another drink – clearly Elsa has been drugged. “Are you getting my close up? Where is my costar?” She asks. About three men then come into the room, and the camera begins rolling. A drugged Elsa is then cuffed to the bed, and her legs are sawed off. The young soldier whom she would emasculate would find her and save her life, as she was left to bleed to death. “He followed me everywhere, he fell in love with his whore.” The sick film made it’s way through out Europe, and Elsa became a star in the worst way.

There was one thing I truly adored about this episode aside from all the fabulous information that we learned. And that was Edward Mordrake’s manor of speaking. I loved hearing him talk to these freak show members, and people who were severely down on their luck. He spoke to them with such care and his facial expressions were mesmerizing. Whenever he would refer to whom he was speaking to as “my dear one, my lovely, my children, my wonder” my heart would melt. Something about this was so sweet to me. He was calling these people things that they probably have never heard themselves referred to as before. He called Twisty “my wonder”. That clown has probably never been called anything but “simpleton” all of his life. It touched my heart, and I appreciate the writing for Mordrakes’s character so so much.

Now, let’s do a quick recap of all of the other good stuff that happened tonight:

We find Jimmy Darling and Maggie Esmeralda where we left them last episode, on their way home so as not to break curfew. Unfortunately, Jimmy’s bike runs out of gas, and they’re forced to walk. We then get to see our sweet crew of kidnapped kids in Twisty’s van. The “pretty babysitter” gets her legs untied with the help of one of the boys. Upon Twisty’s return, she kicks him in the legs when his back is turned and takes off running. As usual, our girl gets caught – but she’s in luck, because Jimmy and Maggie are there to witness the whole thing. They follow the clown into the forest and are crouching close to the van making a game plan when Dandy comes waltzing along to smack them both in the head. “Now the real Halloween fun begins,” he says. We are then shown a stage in the woods where we see Dandy with a human sized box, and Twisty playing on his tiny child’s piano off to the side. The newly kidnapped Jimmy and the rest of the victims are tied up and seated in the audience. Then, Dandy introduces us to his assistant “Tiny Tits” AKA Maggie, who’s in the box. Dandy states that he’s always been curious about how the sawing a human in half trick works, and begins to try it on Maggie. Thankfully sweet Jimmy gets himself untied, whacks Dandy, and saves the day. They take off running, and Maggie gets the three kidnapped kids to the road and the police. Jimmy gets caught by Twisty and is taken off to the van, while Dandy is left screaming “you ruined my Halloween fun! I hate you I hate you I hate you!” Jimmy witnesses Twisty’s interaction with Mordrake and is then found by the police. Of course the episode isn’t going to end with everyone happy happy joy joy. We are joined again by Mr. Dandy, who discovers Twisty’s dead body in the woods. He takes the smiling mask the clown wore, and puts it on. He then makes his way home, only to be hassled by his arch enemy, Dora the maid. Their interaction together is brief, because after refusing to take a lunch tray up to his mother, he slits Dora’s throat with a pair of scissors. The episode ends with Dandy removing the smiling mask showing his own serious face which then breaks into a smile and an eventual maniacal laugh. End scene.

I absolutely LOVED this episode. What did you guys think of it? How did you feel about Twisty’s back story? How did you feel about Elsa’s? What do you think is going to happen next week? Leave me a comment and let’s chat! Goodnight. -Sarah

American Horror Story – Episode 2

American Horror Story – Episode 2

American Horror Story Freak Show brought the heat last night in episode two “Massacres and Matinees”. A lot of really interesting characters made their debut this episode. We have the lovely Miss Angela Bassett from season three’s Coven returning as Diseree Dupree. Dupree is a full fledged hermaphrodite, sporting three breasts and both male and female reproductive organs. With Diseree came her husband, Dell Toledo (Michael Chiklis) the “strong man”. When Elsa asked Dell Toledo what he was after his wife revealed her….condition, Toledo stated “the happiest man on earth”. Ha! SPOILER ALERT: Dell Toledo was revealed as the father of Jimmy Darling and ex-husband to Kathy Bate’s Ethel Darling. I’m SO excited for this secret to be revealed to Jimmy, because Dell has already wreaked a lot of havoc on him in just one episode. Elsa wanted Dell in the freak show troupe to be the new male leader – which has the potential to ruin Jimmy’s alpha dog status amongst the cast. Another set of characters who were introduced to us in the season premiere but played a more important role in Massacres and Matinees was Dandy Mott (Finn Wittrock) and his mother Gloria, played by the fabulous Frances Conroy. I’ll actually be going into both of these characters in greater detail when I list my favorite parts of last nights episode.


Things I liked about last Massacres and Matinees:

  • Gloria Mott: I absolutely ADORED her character. Gloria is the EPITOME of the desperate mother who will do anything to please her son. Her willingness to do anything to make Dandy happy is palpable. This woman is desperate enough to keep her son under her thumb that while driving she picks up everyone’s favorite Twisty the Clown who happens to be ambling about on the country road. She tells Twisty she’ll pay him handsomely if he’ll come home to entertain Dandy. BAD IDEA!!! There was one particular scene that really stood out to me last night and it was between Gloria and her son at dinner. Dandy used the word “boring” a lot in this scene, and it really defined him as the bratty poor little rich boy that he is. He stated that the escargot at dinner was boring, the town was boring, life was boring and then stormed of. Once he left the maid confided in Gloria that she found remains of animals by the shed and lightly accused Dandy of being involved with the murders happening in town. To which Gloria replied in tears, “he’s just bored.” Brilliant.


  • Dandy Mott: I’m totally loving AHS newcomer Finn Wittrock’s performance so far. Dandy truly is a man child – finding delight in toys, carnivals, and drinking liquor out of a glass baby bottle nipple and all. After leaving dinner with his mother in a huff, Dandy runs off to the only place he feels like he belongs….the freak show. Unfortunately for him after a tear filled pleading session to Jimmy, he is denied a spot in the troupe. Jimmy is actually quite disgusted by Dandy – telling him he should thank god for what he has – his normality in particular. To this, Jimmy replies that he’s normal on the outside but is just like the freak show members on the inside. This boy is twisted. Speaking of twisted, it appears that Dandy has a new BFF in Twisty the Clown. There’s a really delightful scene in episode two where we see Dandy and the clown in a room full of toys belonging to the man child. Dandy prompts Twisty to show him some tricks to no reply. He then utters to Twisty my favorite line of the episode “your silence is provocative”. Loved it! He then shows Twisty a chest of toys and demands him to entertain. While Twisty rummages through the toys, a curious Dandy begins reaching for the bag that Twisty carries with him everywhere. With that, Twisty whacks Dandy in the head with a bowling pin, grabs the bag, and runs off.


  • The scene in the diner: This scene was FABULOUS. Sweet and gorgeous Jimmy Darling rounds up the troupe and takes them to the diner where we see him getting his flirt on with the waitress in episode one. Jimmy’s idea behind this is to show the world that the freak show members are just like “regular people”. There was something so touching to me about this idea that Jimmy had. He had such innocent intentions, but unfortunately it went wrong. And I shall continue talking about this in the things I didn’t like about episode two.

Things I didn’t like about Massacres and Matinees:

  • There was actually only one thing that I didn’t like about this episode, and that was the evil Dell Toledo ruining the troupe outing at the diner. While hanging fliers for the freak show he happens to see his cast mates seated at the diner. At this point, things aren’t going too well for the troupe either – the locals that are eating are extremely put off by the freak show crew. Complete with people leaving, dirty looks being thrown in their direction, and a mother asking the troupe if they could eat somewhere else because they’re upsetting her daughter. Dell comes rolling into the restaurant demanding that the troupe leaves. He then proceeds to take Jimmy outside to make an example of him by beating him senseless. The main reason why this upset me, is because I’m madly in love with Evan Peters and every character that he plays, so I hate seeing him get hurt. Swoon. ❤


Of course the most shocking part of the episode is the reveal of what’s under Twisty the Clown’s mask. In Massacres and Matinees we meet up once again with Twisty’s hostages – a lovely young woman and an eight to ten year old boy. Our heroine manages to pull off one of the wooden boards filled with nails that’s keeping the door of the van that they’re kept in shut. When Twisty lumbers into the car to “entertain” his guests by pulling a decapitated head out of his bag of goodies, our girl smacks Twisty with all her might with the board. Twisty’s smiling face mask is knocked off in the process revealing this:


Need I say more? It’s no wonder Twisty’s silence is so provocative to Dandy….there’s no way the clown can speak! And speaking of our man child, his role in Freak Show is only just beginning. Once Dandy wakes up from the unconsciousness the bowling pin whack left on him, he sets out to find Twisty, and stumbles upon the clowns camp where the van is located. Our hostages manage to run out of the van to possible freedom, when our heroine runs full force into Dandy. She tells him that the clown is going to kill her and things of that nature, and then the light bulb goes off in his head. He hoists the girl into his arms and playfully sing songs “Clown! I have something for youuuu!!” We now have a dynamic duo: a murderous clown and a man child with a love for vaudeville. Episode three can’t come soon enough!

How did you guys feel about Massacres and Matinees? What did you like? What did you hate? Were you as appalled as the rest of the world when Twisty’s face was revealed? Leave me a comment and let’s chat! -Sarah