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Man Crush Monday: Evan Peters Edition

Man Crush Monday: Evan Peters Edition

Heyyy one and all and welcome to the newest edition of Man Crush Monday – Evan Peters style! Since the buzz on American Horror Story: Hotel is in full swing it only seems appropriate to dedicate a #MCM post to the AHS star that everyone swoons over! Take a listen to Evan Peters croon NIrvana’s “Come As You Are” in Freak Show and then let’s discuss:

Dear Evan Peters,

Oh sweet sweet Evan, you darling boy, you. Saying that I love you is an understatement…because I really freakin love you. Your performances season after season on American Horror Story are beyond impressive. I stand firm in the belief that the show would be nothing without you and Sarah Paulson especially now that Jessica Lange is no longer the AHS queen bee. Every role you’ve played on American Horror Story has been dynamite but I think my forever favorite would have to be Tate Langdon on Murder House. Your debut as the disturbed but charming as hell Tate made me as well as probably every person viewing the show fall head over heels in love with you. Another favorite of mine is when you played Kit Walker in Asylum – hubba hubba!! Unfortunately, I wasn’t too fond of when you played Kyle in Coven because all I wanted to do was hear your sweet voice instead of Frankenstein style grunting every episode. And of course I wouldn’t mind you putting your lobster claws all over me as Jimmy Darling in Freak Show! I’m so excited for your character to be introduced in Hotel so I can stare longingly at the television every time you appear on screen! I LOVE YOU!!!!


^^^ My dear lord, come to mama. ❤

So there you have it, this week’s Man Crush Monday: Evan Peters Edition! Who is everyone’s #MCM this week? What was your favorite role that my man crush played on American Horror Story? I wanna hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

Woman Crush Wednesday: Jessica Lange Edition

Woman Crush Wednesday: Jessica Lange Edition

Hey there everyone and sorry for my absence yesterday – it was a busy day! But I’m back and it’s time for another edition of Woman Crush Wednesday – Jessica Lange style! With American Horror Story: Hotel premiering tonight with a new leading lady, Lady Gaga, it only seems right to pay homage to the original AHS queen bee, Jessica Lange. Take a look at a fan favorite video of J-Lange performing as Elsa Mars in AHS: Freak Show and then let’s discuss:

Dear Jessica Lange:

Oh Jessica, you incredibly amazingly talented woman, you. Your performances on seasons one through four of American Horror Story go unmatched by anyone on the show. Episode after episode you stunned us faithful viewers with singing, tear jerking moments, and a butt load of sassafras to the nth degree. My personal favorite character you played has to be from season one, though. In Murder House you played Constance Langdon, which skyrocketed your AHS career with a bang, winning you Emmy’s and the respect of all of your fans and colleagues. I’ll never forget being blown away by your outright bitchiness that made me love to hate you throughout the season. Although Lady Gaga is taking your place this season on Hotel, there is no replacing you. I, as well as a vast majority of AHS fanatics, so wish that you were returning to take your rightful place as the star of the show. As I said, your talent is unreal, but your beauty is off the charts as well! You have aged with such poise and grace and I would be more than happy to date you because everyone loves a cougar! Hubba hubba! I LOVE YOU and please PLEASE come back to American Horror Story soon!


^^^ Wtf even? She’s drop dead gorgeous.

So there you have it, this week’s Woman Crush Wednesday: Jessica Lange Edition! Make sure you tune in with lifewithlilred for a synopsis of the premiere episode of American Horror Story: Hotel! Who’s excited for the season premiere? How do you feel about my woman crush not being in Hotel? I wanna hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

Woman Crush Wednesday: Sarah Paulson Edition

Woman Crush Wednesday: Sarah Paulson Edition

Hellooo everyone and welcome to the newest edition of Woman Crush Wednesday – Sarah Paulson style! With season five of American Horror Story making its debut on October 7th, it only seemed appropriate to send some love to one of my favorite actresses on the show. Take a look at this fan favorite scene from American Horror Story: Asylum and then let’s discuss:

Dear Sarah Paulson,

Oh Sarah, you brilliant brilliant actress with a wonderful name, I just adore you. From your humble AHS beginnings during Murder House with a minor role to working your way up to leading lady status in the past three seasons, you can do no wrong. It’s so hard for me to pick a favorite character that you’ve played during your time as a member of the American Horror Story family, but if I absolutely had to choose, I think it would be when you played conjoined twins, Bette and Dot Tatler, in Freak Show. Your characterization of sweet and naive Bette and the cold and calculated Dot were spot on perfection and I looked forward to seeing your performance every week when Freak Show was airing. Your incredible talent is undeniable and I can’t wait to see what you’re going to bring to the table during AHS: Hotel. So yes, your acting chops are unreal but you also have some out of this world looks as well! Hubba hubba, lady. You have the face of an angel and the most glorious porcelain skin to match. Your hair also looks awesome in literally any color which is a gift from the gods. I LOVE your hair blonde, like when you played Cordelia in Coven but like I said, any color will do. You are such an inspiration to actors (and people in general) everywhere and I can only hope as an actress myself that I have an ounce of the ability that you have. I LOVE YOU!!!!!


^^^ The lovely Sarah got a lot of hate for the dress pictured above but I actually really liked it…SUE ME FOR IT!!!

So there you have it, this week’s Woman Crush Wednesday: Sarah Paulson Edition. Who is everyone’s #WCW this week? Who was your favorite character that my woman crush played on American Horror Story? I wanna hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

American Horror Story – Season Finale

American Horror Story – Season Finale

Hello one and all and welcome to my final review of American Horror Story: Freak Show, since tonight’s episode appropriately entitled “Curtain Call” is the season finale! Let’s discuss what happened tonight, and then I’ll discuss how I personally felt about the finale. Shall we?

The Freak Show Massacre: Tonight’s episode begins with the freak show’s new owner Dandy bossing everyone around and being a diva as usual. “I’m surrounded by amateurs!” Paul, Penny, Eve, and some other members of the crew enter the big tent and Dandy finds out that they haven’t sold one single ticket to his opening performance. Naturally, Dandy Boy is outraged. He tells the troupe members that they’re all boring (Dandy hates boring!) and that the people want to see a new kind of freak. As he suggests horns for Penny, he pushes down on her head only to be pushed away by Paul. Eve then packs a one-two punch leaving Dandy bloody on the ground. The freaks stand over him and Paul hisses “You’re rubbish. You’re boring. We quit.” So off they go – but you already know Dandy won’t have this blatant disrespect, and as far as he’s concerned the entire troupe are dead freaks walking. Dandy steps into the sunshine in a dapper white suit while humming the Victory March as happy as can be, all while holding a golden gun. Paul approaches him about their final weeks pay and Dandy shoots him right in the head. Now his fun begins. He shoots Penny without thinking twice, up next is the small man, and the woman with no lower body. Dandy is only just getting started, he shoots Imma in the face and then heads off to Desi’s tent. We see her hiding in her closet, but luckily Dandy doesn’t find her. While stalking around the tent, Amazon Eve attacks Dandy and he drops the gun. Miss girl beats the shit out of him #queenoftheamazon but Dandy still manages to gain his composure and get his gun. He then promptly shoots Eve in the leg and then in the head. After a hard afternoons work, Dandy heads back to Bette and Dotte’s tent where they’re tied up and gagged. He then holds out his hand and tells his dream girls to come with him. After all of the murders take place, Jimmy returns to camp to find all of the dead bodies of his troupe mates piled one on top of the other in the big tent. He discovers that him and Desi are the only ones who survived the wrath of Dandy Boy.

A Freak Show Wedding: After Dandy kills off almost every single act in the freak show, we’re taken back to his house where we see none other than Bette and Dotte walking down the aisle in a wedding ceremony. It turns out him and Bette are getting hitched! “Mrs Motte,” she coos, “who could have ever imagined?” After the wedding the girls tell Dandy that they hired a new housekeeper who had culinary training in France to prepare their wedding feast. We see an overjoyed Dandy gushing over his blushing bride at the dinner table, discussing how many kids they’re going to have. “I’ve always found babies to be so boring, but freak babies?! AW!!!” Champagne is poured and the husband and bride indulge, which leaves Dandy feeling nauseous. “Someone’s put something in my bubbly!” In his dizzy stupor we find out that Desi is the so called “housekeeper”. Once Dandy realizes this he holds up a knife to Desi only to have Bette shoot him in the arm. The fun isn’t over yet, because the butler is revealed – Jimmy, looking dapper as hell in his suit! Jimmy places a covered up tray in front of Dandy and lifts the lid and an invitation to Dandy’s first freak show performance is revealed.


Dandy’s Final Act: We find sweet Dandy Boy waking up chained to the bottom of a tall glass tank. Desi informs Dandy that this is an escape tank, used by Harry Houdini himself. Jimmy begins filling the tank with water while Dandy screams “I’m not an escape artist! I’m a song and dance man!” He’s so sassy until the very end. Desi gives the sassafrass right back as she sneers through the glass “You may look like a motion picture dream boat – but you’re the biggest freak of them all.” Dandy continues to plead with Jimmy, Desi, and the twins as the tank continues to fill with water. “I’ll give you money! I have so much money!” However, phat stacks don’t impress the freaks. The water is almost over his head now and in true Dandy fashion, his final words are: “I hate you, I hate you, I hate you, I hate you!” #diva



Fun Fact For Ya: Desi and her man candy, Angus get married and have two lovely little children. Jimmy also has a happily ever after because we see him later down the road with a pregnant Bette and Dotte. #wearefamily


What Happened To Elsa Mars: We’re reunited with the Queen Bee in Hollyweird. We see Elsa at a casting agency being denied time with Mr. Gable, the owner of the network because she doesn’t have an appointment. A defiant Elsa tells the snooty secretary that she’ll wait, and we watch her sit in the lobby all afternoon while the ashtray beside her overflows with lipstick stained cigarette butts. The day at the agency is coming to an end and Mr. Gable still hasn’t left the building. Elsa approaches the secretary as she leaves for the night and is informed that he left via the back exit and that he doesn’t want to see her. The secretary insults Elsa’s material and she gets a swift slap to the face. The girls get into a tussle, only to be broken up by Mister Mike Beck the junior vice president of casting for the network. The two bond over their German surnames and we then are flash forwarded to seeing Miss Mars get her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, accompanied by her manager and husband, Mr. Beck. Everything seems to be picture perfect for Elsa, until she gets in a little spat with her hubby about refusing to perform a Halloween special. If you remember the legend of Edward Mordrake, you’ll know that he appears to any freak show members performing on Halloween, usually resulting in their death. The next day, Miss Elsa has a visitor from Massimo. She tells him that she’s “bored and alone” and asks him to run away with her, like they planned to do so long ago. “I am cursed,” she says, “cursed by having my dreams ripped away and cursed by having them all come true.” Sweet Massimo then reveals his cursed nature as well, telling his love that he’s cursed with having a dream come true too late. Elsa looks at him questioningly, and Massimo tells her that he’s come to say good bye and that he’s dying from a disease in his lungs that have spread to his bones. Apparently Elsa can never win. We find her in her bedroom drinking away her broken heart, only to be accompanied by her husband and Mr. Gable who come bearing some bad news. The head of the network tells his star that the film of her legs being sawed off that was made decades ago in Germany has been found. After this major piece of information was found, more detective work was done on Elsa and her past as the owner of a freak show is discovered. She then learns that all of her freaks have been murdered and were found buried one on top of the other. Due to the morality code in Elsa’s contract, she’s basically getting fired. “I changed my mind,” she says to Mr. Gable, “I will perform on Halloween. Why not? I might as well go out with a bang.” Flash forward to her final televised performance where everything is going well, until Edward Mordrake’s signature green fog appears. Mordrake approaches the stage with his undead freak show troupe, Twisty the Clown included. Only Elsa can see these apparitions and she asks Edward to take her now. “It hurts…but only for a minute,” Twisty reassures her. And with that, Mordrake stabs her in the heart. As she dies he tells her “your place is not with us.” What could that mean? Well it means that the season ended very happy happy joy joy because Elsa ends up in heaven – and this heaven happens to be her very own Elsa Mars Cabinet of Curiosities. She’s greeted by all of her murdered freaks who she loved like children. Elsa and Ethel are reunited, and Elsa asks her why she’s not being punished for her sins. “Well, it’s like you told me,” said Ethel, “stars never pay. And we missed our headliner.” The season ends with Elsa Mars performing in her freak show heaven to a full house audience. The end.


So how did I feel about the season finale? I suppose it was okay. I didn’t hate it nor did I absolutely love it. I was actually quite underwhelmed. I felt that the finale should have been either longer or done in two parts because SO much happened in such little time that it seemed very jumbled together. I was disappointed with the fact that Twisty and Edward Mordrake were barely seen in the finale, because I loved their characters very much. I also wasn’t fond of how almost every freak was murdered in a matter of four or five minutes. The whole episode just seemed very rushed and herky jerky. The thing is, is that I understand what they were trying to do with the episode, but it just fell flat because there wasn’t enough time to elaborate on all of the different scenes. Am I thrilled that the season was ended on such a happy note? No, I’m not, quite frankly. This was an excruciatingly dark season and it almost didn’t make sense for the episode to end happily ever after. Is it bad that I wanted to see some type of struggle or suffering right till the very end? Whatever. Like I said, it was just very underwhelming. Does that take away from the fact that this season was fantastic overall? No. Does it take this season from an A+ in my opinion to a B? Yes.

But enough about my opinion – I wanna hear what you guys think! How did you feel about the season finale? How did you feel about this season as a whole? What was your favorite season of American Horror Story? I’d love to hear from you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! See you here same time same place for season five! Goodnight. -Sarah


American Horror Story – Episode 12

American Horror Story – Episode 12

Holy moley! A whole heck of a lot happened on tonight’s episode of American Horror Story: Freak Show, appropriately titled “Show Stoppers”. Episode twelve had a TON of jaw dropping “wtf” moments that need to be discussed immediately! So let’s get started!

Murder #1) The first murder we learn about in tonight’s episode is of the director of the American Morbidity Museum. At Elsa’s going away to Hollywood party, she offers Mr. Spencer a gift, which turns out to be the directors severed head in a jar. We flash to a scene of Maggie and Desi at the museum. Maggie feels faint from the displays and the director tends to her in her private office. It’s long past closing hours, and the ladies are the only ones in the building. As soon as Desi realizes that they’re alone, she stabs the director, killing her dead.

Murder #2) Elsa has been made well aware of the troubles Mr. Spencer has caused, and as soon as he’s given his gift, she decides to put an end to the con artist once and for all, with the freaks’ assistance. First Amazon Eve straps Spencer onto the spinning bullseye and let’s Elsa try her hand at knife throwing once more. “You tried to kill my dreams but they cannot be murdered,” she says. Mr. Spencer is taken off the bullseye and Elsa cuts his knee with one of the knives, and then leaves him to the mercy of the freak show troupe, who are all wielding weapons of sharp mass destruction. You can guess what happens next, it’s a wrap for Mr. Spencer! #BYEFELICIA


Murder #3) Both con artists go bye bye tonight, because Maggie’s the next to go! With Chester in charge of the freak show, he holds a meeting discussing the act lineup. Chester declares that for his magic act he’s going to saw the twin girls in half, per Marjory’s request. The girls tell him they no longer want to be his assistant and promptly leave. Luckily, Maggie is there to volunteer herself like a real stand up gal. “Get in the box, Lucy” Chester hisses. Maggie hops in, and Chester handcuffs her feet together to up the stakes of the trick. We then see Chester’s vision of the act, complete with his costume, makeup, and an audience. He gives a grand speech about the sawing in half trick and as he prepares to work his magic, something goes wrong. He begins envisioning Alice, Lucy, and Marjory’s heads on Maggie’s body. The different women begin speaking to him and accusing him which confuses Chester greatly. In a flash of flustered “what the hell am I doing?” Chester saws Maggie clean in half. He then pushes the boxes apart only to have Maggie’s blood and guts come spilling out of it. Yum! The freaks are completely shocked when they come back to the stage to find Chester a bloody mess and Maggie dead as a doornail. Lucky for Chester, the freaks don’t seem too concerned about it as he runs off to his beloved Marjory. Desi states that Maggie had it coming. “So what do we do now?” Asks Paul. “Steal her jewelry and bury the bitch,” Desi shrugs. #BYEFELICIA #AGAIN


Murder #4) The hits just keep on coming tonight, and in this case a doll is going to be the one to receive the blows. After Chester saws Maggie in half, he runs off to his tent to find Marjory packing her bags. She tells him that he messed up and now they have to leave again. Marjory exchanges some words about Chester being a murderer and her owner begs her not to leave him. In the midst of trying to grab hold of Marjory to keep her from leaving and all of the confusion and frustration building up in Chester, he begins to stab his beloved Marjory. We see him stab the human version of the doll and watch him weep over her dead and bloody body. At the end of the episode we see a bloody Chester carrying a bundle of equally bloody blankets into a police station, saying that he has to report the murder of a little girl. He sets the bundle carefully onto the table and the police remove the blankets only to see the Marjory doll staring back at them. Chester then drops to his knees and cries “I killed her, take me to the chair.”


Jimmy Gets Prosthesis: In the midst of all the murder happening at the freak show, poor Jimmy is still recovering from having his hands cut off. Lucky for Jimmy, Elsa knows just the guy to give him the prosthesis hookup, none other than Massimo, the man who made her own wooden legs and saved her life. We learn while Jimmy is in a pain induced daze that Massimo also used to be the love of Elsa’s life, “I would have married him if he hadn’t been such a fool,” she says. In this heart wrenching scene we learn about what happened after Massimo saved Elsa from her certain death fate after her legs were sawed off on film. Massimo promised to himself that we would seek vengeance on the men who mutilated his beloved Elsa. He hunted the men down and murdered them one by one. Finally he found the ring leader of the film, a Nazi doctor by the name of Hans Gruper. (Ring a bell, season two fans?! This is ARTHUR ARDEN!!!!!! #MindBLOWN!!) When Massimo approaches Gruper, the Nazi ends up shooting him in the leg and torturing him with electric shock therapy. (A fan favorite of Doctor Arden in Asylum!) When a dazed Jimmy asks Massimo why he never returned to Elsa, he confesses that his body survived the torture, but he was left with no soul, no humanity, and a heart that cannot love. SO SAD


Dandy Boys’ Boudoir Visit: Dandy is well aware that the twins have moved on to Mr. Chester, and he is not pleased at all. To shake things up a little, he visits the twins in their tent, saying that he comes only as a friend. “I asked myself, Dandy what can I do to be in support of those beloved girls?” And apparently the answer to that is bringing the police files for the murder of Alice and Lucy. He tells the girls that Chester is an “absolutely beastly SICKO!” (#loveit) This angers Bette and Dotte and they tell Dandy to leave. Dandy parts ways with the girls stating that “mother always told me never argue with a woman when she’s angry” he blows them kisses and exits the tent.


An Update On Elsa: So what’s up with the Queen Bee? Well let’s see here, before the freaks murdered Mr. Spencer, the con artist begins hollering that Elsa killed Ethel, which stirred up quite a ruckus. We then see some of the freak show troupe having a pow wow discussing what to do next. Everyone seems to be in agreement that Elsa killed Ethel, and they’re all just waiting on the word from someone to initiate her murder. Paul is the one to speak up saying “the only way to secure our future is to make sure Elsa doesn’t have one.” The freaks then prepare to murder their beloved ring leader. But not on the conjoined twins’ watch. The girls go into Elsa’s tent, warning her of the danger ahead. “But where will I go?” Elsa cries. “Anywhere but here,” replies sweet Bette. Elsa hauls ass out, and the murderous clan of freaks enter her tent only to find it empty. We then see Elsa waiting in a car on a dark and rainy night when a figure approaches. Who else could it be but Dandy Boy? He offers Elsa a stack of cash and they part ways. Guess who’s the new owner of the freak show, purchased for ten thousand smackers? Uh huh, you guessed it….DANDY!!!!!!!!

The episode ends on a final WTF moment when Dandy is checking out his new carnival digs. He hears a strange noise coming from backstage while he’s practicing his bows and blowing kisses, he goes to investigate and ends up finding this:


So there you have it, tonight’s episode of American Horror Story: Freak Show in a nutshell! What did you love about tonight’s episode? What did you hate? WTF is that creature that we saw at the end of the show?! I’d love to hear from you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Goodnight! -Sarah

American Horror Story – Episode 11

American Horror Story – Episode 11

Holy crazy!!! A lot a lot a lot happened in tonight’s episode of American Horror Story: Freak Show “Magical Thinking”. We were introduced to a new character tonight and another murder took place at the freak show, so let’s discuss!

Jimmy’s Hand Situation: The episode begins with Mr. Spencer visiting Jimmy in jail. He reveals to Jimmy that the plan to get the moolah to get a good lawyer is for Jimmy’s left hand to be cut off and sold. Reluctantly, Jimmy agrees and Spencer hands him a vial of a vomit inducer which he instructs him to take. Jimmy is instantly sick and Spencer calls for him to be taken to a hospital at once. Sweet Jimmy Darling awakens in the hospital to find that both of his hands are gone, because Mr. Spencer is a SLIME BALL. While Jimmy is recouping in the hospital, he gets a visit from daddy dearest Del Toledo, where a sensitive moment is shared between the two of them. Jimmy’s plate of hospital food was sitting uneaten on the table, and Del ends up feeding his son saying “I’m almost fifty years old and I’m feeding my son for the first time.” It was extremely touching. After this visit, Del returns to the freak show to tell Elsa the news about Jimmy’s hands, she immediately tells him that he has to get Jimmy before he’s taken back to jail. Amazon Eve follows after Del asking him if he remembers his bullshit about making a “Strong Man/Strong Woman” act the night he tried to kill her. Eve says that she wants to put this act to the test to help Jimmy. That night when Jimmy is being transported to jail, we see Eve standing in the middle of the street right as the police car nears and breaks the windshield with a sledge hammer. Between Del and Eve, the cops are taken care of, and Jimmy lives to see another day outside of the jail.

New Character Alert!!!! Chester (Neil Patrick Harris): In tonight’s episode we meet Chester, a smooth talking lizard salesman from Georgia. Peddling lizards isn’t exactly his dream job though, because he wants to be a professional magician. Elsa is unimpressed by his magic tricks and ventriloquism act with dummy Marjory. It’s only when Chester mentions the money he’s made from selling lizards and the records he’s kept of it that makes Miss Elsa take notice. She hires him to help with the book keeping and gives him permission to warm up the crowd with his magic tricks. Chester could not be more thrilled. With this exciting news, he visits the twins Bette and Dotte in their tent to thank them for putting in a good word to Elsa. He also makes them an offer to be his assistants on stage during his magic act. He calls the girls beautiful and of course this makes them swoon, he’s a handsome guy! The girls happily accept the offer and the lusty feelings they have towards him. So far so good, right? Chester sounds normal enough? Well let’s talk about his beloved dummy Marjory for a moment and maybe that will change your mind. While interacting with the twins, Chester envisions their heads turn into two completely different women. We then see a flashback of him watching some girl on girl action (these are the ladies who Bette and Dotte’s heads turned into) with Marjory the dummy in his hands. Through out the episode Chester talks manically to Marjory, and during one of these moments, Bette and Dotte happen to walk into his tent. They decided that Chester would be the perfect guy to lose their virginity to and would like to make the sexy time happen ASAP. While they share kisses, Chester becomes extremely agitated and you can hear his ears ringing. The girls try to relax him to no avail. Then Chester gets Marjory from the stool she was seated on, saying that she helps him relax. So during the twins’ deflowering, Marjory the dummy is present. While having sexy time with the twins another flashback occurs to the girl on girl action with him and Marjory watching. You’ll learn about these mystery women and some more crazy Marjory tales when we talk about what Dandy boy is up to in this episode!

PS: CHESTER IS THE NEW OWNER OF THE FREAK SHOW! SURPRISE!!!!!! Elsa decides that Chester is the perfect one to run the show after she heads off to Hollywood. While they discuss the deal in Elsa’s tent, Chester asks if she’ll be taking all of her furniture with her. “It’s a bit feminine for you, no?” She asks. Chester then tells her that he’d like the tent to be for Marjory his BFF….to each their own???


Dandy Plays Detective: If you recall from a few episodes ago, Dandy now has a cop working for him that he’s paying handsomely. The cop acted as a spy during a freak show performance, and took note of the flirtatious magic act between Chester and the twins. This upset Dandy deeply, “they were supposed to be mine!” he cried. The cop does some snooping around and gives Dandy the back story on Chester’s crazy antics. We learn that the two ladies that Chester was envisioning was his wife and her lover. The husband of the lover and himself went off to war, and the two ladies fell in love with each other. Chester came home from serving to come home to two women. After a verbal tussle with his wife’s lover, the Marjory dummy comes to life, asking Chester if he’s going to let her talk to them like that. He then retreats from the argument to look for his doll only to find her not in the case. The lover claims that she hid her for his own good. That night, the two women are murdered from maniacal stabbing which Chester blamed on Marjory. When Dandy learns all of this new found info he grins, “what a sicko!!” #bestlineEVER Dandy shows up at the freak show when Chester is in a full blown panic because his Marjory doll is missing, similarly to when the lover took her. Dandy tells Chester that Marjory told him that she ran away because of what he did to the twins. He then tips him off to look for Marjory in the performance tent. We see the Marjory doll in human form sitting on a chair onstage. She tells Chester that he has to get rid of the people who are keeping them apart. Marjory then tells her owner that she’s not going to do the dirty work this time, and that he has to saw the twins in half.

Del Toledo’s Death: At the end of the episode, Maggie tells Elsa that she needs to show her something urgent. She takes Elsa into Del and Desiree’s tent so they can listen in on the conversation that they’re having. When Del enters the tent, Desi is pointing a gun at him. She questions who he’s killed since he arrived at the freak show, and Del swears it was only the cops he killed for Jimmy’s sake. She continues to interrogate him and finally he cracks. “Who did you kill Del?” “I killed Ma Petite.” “And how did you do it?” “…..I smothered her.” And with that, Elsa storms in and shoots Del square in the head. #RIP


So there you have it, episode eleven in a nut shell! How did you feel about Neil Patrick Harris’ phenomenal American Horror Story debut? Is Marjory only in Chester’s head or could she somehow be real? With AHS, anything can happen! I’d love to hear your opinions, questions, comments, or concerns on tonight’s riveting episode, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Goodnight! -Sarah

American Horror Story Recap Episodes 6-10

American Horror Story Recap Episodes 6-10

Told you that the American Horror Story: Freak Show episodes 6-10 recap would be up later today! Let’s get started!


Episode 6 “Bullseye”: In episode six we learn about how incest was a thing in Dandy’s family after his mother Gloria hands Dandy a platter of condoms insisting that he mate with Bette and Dotte. She mentions how much trouble incest has caused the family in the past and thinks Dandy can break that cycle, the man child refuses though, saying that he’d never violate the girls because he loves them. WHAT A GUY!!! We’re introduced to Paul AKA “The Illustrated Seal” and his sexual endeavors, shacking up with both Elsa and the hospital worker who participated in the freak show orgy in episode one. #gettingit Once Elsa learns of her lovers betrayal with Penny she calls a troupe meeting and throws a BF (#bitchfit) because of that and the amount of shit talking going on about the disappearance of the conjoined twins. She says the only way for her to trust her crew is if they trust her and insists that one of the members of the troupe hop onto her spinning bullseye so she can practice her knife throwing. Paul volunteers. The first two knives are thrown safely, but the third one lands in Paul’s stomach. Moral of the story: Don’t mess with Elsa *finger snap*. Maggie and Stanley are desperate for a freak show members body to make some moolah, so they come up with an evil plan to kill sweet Ma Petite, because it will be quick and she won’t fight back. Maggie wakens the tiny princess in the middle of the night and carries her off to a nearby barn where she tells her they’re going to play a game. She places Ma Petite in a glass jar “like a butterfly!” exclaims the girl. We see Maggie holding a bottle of poison over the jar but luckily she can’t bring herself to do it. The episode ends with Jimmy at the door of Dandy Mott’s house when he learns that he might have something to do with the disappearance of the twins. Jimmy is escorted into the home, but little does he know, Dandy is armed with a dagger in the back of his pants. DUN DUN DUNNN! (The full review can be seen at: https://lifewithlilred.com/2014/11/12/american-horror-story-episode-6/)


Episode 7 “Test of Strength”: This episode takes off where episode six ends, with Jimmy at the Mott residence. He convinces the girls to come back to the freak show. Upon their arrival the girls say that they wanted to be introduced to the finer things in life and Elsa made this possible by sending them to live with Dandy. She told the girls that they would always have a home at the freak show so they came back. All of these lies were made in order to black mail Elsa. Bette wanted her hair dyed blonde, caviar for breakfast, and to become a comedian while her sister wanted a twenty percent profit from the box office and the surgery to be separated from her twin. Stanley blackmails Dell once he learns about his sexuality. He threatens to tell the troupe unless Dell murders a freak show member for him. With this, Del attempts to kill Amazon Eve which backfired on him considering she beat the living hell out of the strong man. After this, Jimmy tells the ladies of the freak show that he’s going to have a man to man talk with Dell, so they go out for a drink.The men get drunky pants, and begin all of their inebriated babbling. All of a sudden, Jimmy runs to the alley way to hurl. Dell follows him and holds a brick to his head while his son’s back is turned. Jimmy then turns around, and tells Dell that he’s known he was his father for a long time, and begs for him to admit his paternity. Dell grows a heart for a minute and admits this to his son, they then make their way back to the carnival and call it a night. The unfortunate mutilation of Penny happens in Test of Strength when her Nazi like father learns of her association with the freak show. He has his daughter drugged and while she’s unconscious, a tattoo artist covers her face in scale like tattoos and has her tongue forked. So sad. The episode ended with the murder of the precious Ma Petite at the hands of Dell Toledo. He sneaked into her tent at night, offered her a new dress, and when she lifted her arms to hug him, he picked her up and broke her neck. 😦 (The full review can be seen at: https://lifewithlilred.com/2014/11/19/american-horror-story-episode-7/)


Episode 8 “Blood Bath”: A whole lot of murder happened in Blood Bath, starting with the killing of Gloria Mott at the hands of her own son, Dandy. A lot about Dandy’s childhood is revealed, like his early murderous tendencies and how he was a child of incest. He blames his mother for all of the wrong in his life, and holds a gun to his head. Gloria pleads that she can’t go one without him if he kills himself. “Okay,” Dandy shrugs, and turns the gun on his mother, shooting her dead. Ethel Darling also gets killed in episode eight, at the hands of her best friend, Elsa. Ethel is on to all of Elsa’s shenanigans, and believes that she killed Ma Petite. Ethel shoots Elsa in the leg, but to her surprise nothing happens because Elsa has a wooden prosthetic. Ethel then holds the gun to her own head, but before she can pull the trigger, Elsa offers her a glass of Schnapps for the road. She goes to the bar cart to make a drink, well aware that Ethel is now pointing the gun at her, then turns around quickly and throws a knife into her best friend’s eye, killing her instantly. Thanks to Stanley, stage makeup, and a car driving itself into a tree, Elsa is able to play Ethel’s death off as a suicide. Two almost murders take place in this episode. Dandy desperately wants to axe Regina, who is the daughter of the murdered maid, Dora. Rest assured that this will happen soon enough. Penny’s father is also almost killed in this episode, but his murder was prevented by Maggie who walked in on Desiree, Eve, and Penny who were about to stab the man. She tells the ladies to take a chill pill, and they let him go free. Imma Wiggles, the new Fat Lady in the freak show is introduced in episode eight as well. (The full review can be seen here at: https://lifewithlilred.com/2014/12/03/american-horror-story-episode-8/)


Episode 9 “Tupperware Party Massacre”: Dandy boy murders an Avon lady at the beginning of episode nine and sews her head onto the corpse of his mother and pretends that they’re the conjoined twins, Bette and Dotte. #weird A police man along with Regina show up at Dandy’s home, and Dandy doesn’t confirm nor deny that he’s killed anyone. However he talks about how much money his family has and offers to pay the cop one million dollars cash if he kills Regina. Without a moments hesitation, he turns the gun on her and shoots her dead. #corruptcops Jimmy shacks up with Miss Imma Wiggles…to each their own I suppose? Dotte confesses her love to Jimmy and drops her and her sister’s dress. “Not many men can boast of having a blonde and a brunette,” she says. Unfortunately, Jimmy tells the girls that he’s in love with someone else. He puts their dress back on, and the rejected twins walk away holding each others hand. Jimmy is invited to do his thing at a housewife’s Tupperware party. However, he gets kicked out for being drunky pants, “he kept missing,” scoffs Sylvia, the hostess. After Jimmy stumbles away, Dandy Boy knocks on the door, turning on the charm and asking to use their phone because his car broke down. The swooning housewife invites him in, and Dandy murders every single one of them, storing their fresh blood in the Tupperware. Jimmy is the one to pay the piper for this crime though, because his gloves were left at the crime scene. He is arrested at the end of the Tupperware Party Massacre. (The full review can be viewed at: https://lifewithlilred.com/2014/12/11/american-horror-story-episode-9/)


Episode 10 “Orphans”: In this fantastic episode we learn about fan favorite Pepper’s tragic back story. We also learn of how she came to Briarcliff in season two American Horror Story: Asylum. Lily Rabe makes an appearance in Orphans, returning as Sister Mary Eunice from season two. Stanley visits Jimmy in jail, telling him that he’s going to get Jimmy a good lawyer to get him out. Jimmy tells Stanley that he has no money or valuables to pay for it, but Stanley assures him that he’ll think of something. (AKA the lobster claws!!!) Sweet Pepper’s soul mate, Salty passes away in episode ten. Stanley insists on taking care of the body by ways of cremation, so Elsa can get her beauty rest for becoming a television star. We then see Stanley hacking away at Salty’s head with an axe, while ashing a cigarette into an urn. Salty’s pinhead becomes the next display piece at the American Morbidity Museum. The museum had some surprise guests, Maggie and Desiree. After a fake psychic reading gone wrong to Desi and her beau Angus, a drunken Maggie confesses to her that her and Stanley are business partners. She claims that they pick the pockets of the audience after the show is over, but Desi calls bullshit. She then threatens Maggie’s life if her and her partner had anything to do with the recent murders at the freak show. Maggie then tells Desiree she has a plan to save the troupe from the evil Stanley. The girls head off to the museum to see Ma Petite’s body and Salty’s pinhead on display. They also see the newest addition to the museum….lobster hands. (To read Pepper’s back story, please view the entire review at: https://lifewithlilred.com/2014/12/17/american-horror-story-episode-10/)


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