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My Friend, Tyler

My Friend, Tyler

If you’ve read my previous post MIDDLE AGED MONDAY, then you’ll know all about my good friend Tyler. Today we had our last hang out until January, because he leaves for basic training in Oklahoma on October 20th. (The same day that I start school!) Tyler and I met during a show we both performed in back in March. Amongst all of the cast members of the show, Suicide in B Flat, Tyler and I just clicked. We both share a very similar snarky sense of humor and a love for all things pop culture. We instantly bonded over music, television, and a deep love for Chipotle. Tyler was really the only cast mate from Suicide who I wanted to keep in touch with after the show was over. And I’m so glad we did. We’ve been hanging out together ever since. As a brief refresher, Middle Aged Monday (AKA MAM) involves day drinking, crafting, watching The Breakfast Club, eating Chipotle, and going on hikes – just to name a few of the activities! That’s just a brief description of our wild and crazy hang outs together. Our afternoon excursion today was bittersweet, because I feel like I barely got any time with him at all, when really I got almost eight full months with him. But then again, any amount of time feels like not enough when someone you care about goes away for a while. Tyler will be stationed in California after he completes his basic training and I’m soooo excited to visit him there! We already have plans of drinking on the beach, drinking in the bars, and going to amusement parks. Basically…we’re gonna be moving MAM to California! Complete with Hawaiian shirts and fanny packs: the middle aged tourist essentials. Tyler will also be home for a few weeks in January so we’ll have some much needed catch up time then! I can’t wait! I’m so thankful that he’ll be able to text me when he can, and of course we’ll be writing to each other too! I’m so excited to send him novels of what’s going on in my life and how boring Ohio is! Here’s a few pics from some of our hang outs and from Suicide in B Flat:


I love you so much Tyler! I’m so thankful for all of the fabulous memories we have together. Most importantly, I’m beyond grateful that I have an amazing friend for life. Please send good vibes my friends way as he enters this new and exciting chapter in his life! Have a great night guys. -Sarah