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Man Crush Monday: Spencer Krug Edition

Man Crush Monday: Spencer Krug Edition

Helloooo everyone and welcome to the newest edition of Man Crush Monday – Spencer Krug style! My #MCM is one of my most beloved musician crushes. As the front man for some of my favorite bands such as Wolf Parade, Sunset Rubdown, and Swan Lake as well as being in association with Frog Eyes, it only seemed appropriate to finally show some love to this multi talented artist. Take a listen to one of the most well known songs by Wolf Parade and then let’s discuss:

Dear Spencer Krug,

Oh Spencer, sweet sweet Spencer. I’ll never forget the first time my older brother introduced me to your music by playing Wolf Parade’s “I’ll Believe In Anything”. I was so blown away by your unique voice and your incredible ability to invoke emotion in all of your songs. The way that you can go from soft crooning to rocker howls at the drop of a hat keeps me on my toes and makes me feel firey passion deep in my loins. I would give anything to see one of your many bands in concert and I’ll forever be jealous of my brother for seeing Wolf Parade perform when they opened for Arcade Fire during their “Us Kids Know” tour. Your unmistakable voice and thought provoking lyrics are well matched to your staggering good looks. Hubba hubba, sir. If there’s one thing mama loves, it’s a good looking man who has musical talent – which basically sums you up in a nut shell. Whether your hair is long or short and no matter what band you’re currently repping, you are a stud and a half. The day that I can see you perform live is the day I can die happy. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!


^^^ Oh my dear lord…he’s perfect!

So there you have it, this week’s Man Crush Monday: Spencer Krug Edition! Who is everyone’s #MCM this week? What is your favorite band that my man crush is associated with? I wanna hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

Arcade Fire – Neon Bible

Arcade Fire – Neon Bible

If there’s one album by Arcade Fire that I don’t think gets enough credit, it would have to be Neon Bible. This album is severely under rated. Funeral was such a beloved album by Arcade Fire so of course it would be difficult to follow up on that – but I think the band succeeded in making a successor that was completely fresh and unique. The most intriguing part of this album to me is that each song tells a different story through their use of reoccurring themes, such as imagery of the ocean (Black Mirror, Ocean of Noise), television, (Antichrist Television Blues, Windowsill,) and the feeling of a post-apocalyptic world after 9/11 (Intervention, Antichrist Television Blues, Black Wave/Bad Vibrations). The songs on Neon Bible were so uniquely composed with less common instruments like the pipe organ, hurdy gurdy, accordion, and mandolin which helped put a sound to the feeling of dread and dissonance that most of the lyrics held. I find that a lot of people forget that there’s a lot of fan favorites on Neon Bible like My Body Is A Cage, Keep The Car Running, and Intervention. My Body Is A Cage has always been one of my all time favorites, so make sure you take a listen.

Funeral was an album that made me feel hopeful and uplifted, as I’m sure it did to many other listeners. It was definitely a nice change of pace for their second album to take a darker turn. I think that’s why I really enjoy Neon Bible as much as I do, because I’m always drawn to the dark and slightly depressing. (ha!) There’s no denying Arcade Fire’s obvious talent either. Even people who don’t care for their music will admit that their sound is impressive. Win Butler’s vocals, as usual are amazing on Neon Bible. His wife, Regine Chassagne also improved leaps and bounds vocally on this album. Her sweet voice on Black Wave/Bad Vibrations is a nice change from the slightly squeaky vocals we’ve heard on Funeral’s “In The Backseat” as well as “I’m Sleeping In A Submarine” from their self titled EP. And of course, the rest of the band deserves a lot of recognition as well – their playing as a seven person band is honestly just as pleasing as hearing an orchestra play.

One final song on Neon Bible, that was also featured on their EP that holds a special place in my heart is No Cars Go.

When I was younger, I figure skated competitively. Even then I was an Arcade Fire fan and chose to skate one of my routines to the instrumental parts of No Cars Go. That was always one of my favorite programs to perform, because it was to one of my favorite bands. And oh look, here’s my cute little 12 year old self at a competition I was in!


So there you have it! What album by Arcade Fire is your favorite? What’s your favorite all time song by them? Leave me a comment and let’s chat! -Sarah