Sweet Surprises: C&C California Earrings Edition

Sweet Surprises: C&C California Earrings Edition

Hi! One thing that I always look forward to during my work week is seeing my sister, Kristen, and her family. If our schedules allow, we try to see each other every week for a hang session and dinner. It’s so much fun to share good food and the best company together with my sis and little niece. It is also a time when we like to swap our no longer wanted clothes, makeup, skin care, and accessories.

This past hang out, Kristen gave me these darling earrings by C&C California and I am genuinely unsure as to why she didn’t want them because I think they are the cutest! Check it out:

I love these earrings but, despite that, they are a pair that I would never buy for myself because I much prefer longer, dangly earrings with my short hair. Although these are not my preferred style, I love the colors of the hanging tassels along with the blingy gold and I think that they will look charming with my red, pink, and violet hair because the colors match perfectly! 😀

I am thinking of breaking these C&C California earrings out for Thanksgiving dinner if they look good with my outfit. However, if it were up to my little niece, she would be the one wearing them even though her ears aren’t pierced lol! She graciously let her TT hold onto them for safe keeping but I told her that as soon as she’s old enough to have her ears pierced she can have them back. ❤

Sweet Surprises or no, hanging out with my favorites is the best gift in itself and I am the luckiest sister and aunt in the whole world!

How old were you when you had your ears pierced? What style of earrings do you prefer to wear? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah


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