French Rooster Mini Haul

French Rooster Mini Haul

Hello! One of my clients absolutely loves going to the Harville Flea Market, which is a treasured gem in the somewhat rural area of my neck of the woods. When it’s warm out, the gigantic parking lot is jam packed full of people peddling their goods from antiques and knick knacks to fresh produce and homemade bath and body care. Then, there is an indoor part of the flea market with actual stores set up, including French Rooster, which was added last year.

French Rooster is a cute Francesca’s style boutique with darling clothes, accessories, and trinkets. Despite it being a little too Jesus based for my liking, I ended up with two cami style tops that I am really happy with! Check it out:


Out of all of my wonderful clothes in my wardrobe, I don’t own any cami tops. I find this unfortunate, because they are such a classic staple, but I just could never find any that weren’t plain boring. These camis by Mittoshop both caught my eye because they were sexy with the lace detailing but still oh so sweet thanks to the flowy fabric. I thought that both of these tops would be perfect for Valentine’s Day weekend with my beau and many date nights to come.

Of course, the lace is gorgeous and purchasing the black cami was a no brainer. But, I am particularly fond of the oyster hued top. I love the lace detail down the front and this cami is designed with an extra piece of fabric on the inside middle so that it isn’t too revealing. As a bustier gal, I was worried that these tops would look more raunchy on me than classic but, because they are not skin tight, I can get away with it while still feeling sexy and confident with my body.

I can picture myself tucking the black cami into my Valentine’s Day themed skirt with a sharp blazer over it for date night on Friday. However, I am more looking forward to pairing one of the tops with short shorts, combat boots, my tattoos out in full glory, and frilly socks come summer time for a girly punk OOTD that emulates my style perfectly!

How do you dress for your body type? Where do you cross the line between sexy and sleazy? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah


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  1. Hi! First is wanna say I love the tops. It’s funny that I never owned one, they always looks pretty but o don’t know how to rock them with my style. I would like to try it though like how you said with a skirt tucked in and a blazer over it. I think it will look super cute for Valentine’s Day 💕 ty for this!
    P.S love your nails 💅🏻


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