Fall Finesse OOTD

Fall Finesse OOTD

Hi everyone and happy Sunday! Today, we are going to discuss a fall OOTD post to help set the mood for the upcoming spooktacular month of October. My friend, Carlie, who I’m sure you remember from guest posts on my page has also created an autumn outfit so do be sure to head over to Bombshell and check hers out, too! The pictures below were taken by my boyfriend, which is always so much fun, so take a look and let’s get to it:


Who? What? Wear?

During the fall, there’s nothing better than an All Black Everything OOTD to set some witchy vibes for the day. Once you create your base with a pair of black skinnies or joggers and a black sweater, tee, or jacket, it’s all about the accessories. Because of a mundane palette, you can choose pieces that really pop to decorate your look with. You can always add a pop of color accessory to break up the monotoned look, or you can stick with equally bleak but chic pieces, which is what I did.

To start accessorizing, I began with the main focal point in my look, which is the Printed Village scarf. This lovely little number shows the various stages of the moon in waxing and waning in striking silver, and it instantly added dimension to my OOTD. The best part about this scarf, is that it’s really long and wide so it can be worn in a variety of ways. For this particular look, I wore it as a shawl. But, I have worn it before as a skirt, Parisian style, and as a plain old scarf so it definitely offers a lot of variety!

And, of course, the glistening silver moons wouldn’t be complete without some gold thrown into the mix. I chose to combine the cool metallic colors by wearing my Baroque patterned Bamboo healed booties, which just so happens to be one of my favorites! Some might think that wearing silver and gold together is a no no. And, they are absolutely right if they’re paired with a multitude of other colors. But, when worn with just one other color, the end result is amazing. The shimmering shades danced so beautifully together in the light and, instead of the “don’t look at me” vibe that all black can give off, all eyes will definitely be on you.

To finish styling my outfit, it was time to add some jewelry. To keep with the spooky chic motif, I added in some Halloween appropriate rings like the spread winged owl and the turquoise cross that attached to a bracelet with a skull on it. Then, I went for some of my favorite jewelry in my arsenal for around my neck – my rosaries. I have three in my collection and I love them all equally. They vary in color and length and, when worn together, the effect is effortlessly cool and will complete any look perfectly.

What I like about this Fall Finesse OOTD is that it started out really simple and, then, it was taken to a whole new level by pairing it with the right accessories. Creating visual break up with the jewelry, shoes, scarves, and whatever else you see fit takes a look from zero to one hundred real quick and, the beauty of accessories, is that you can use them as sparingly or as boldly as you like. My look can be easily replicated, but never completely the same, thanks to unique accessories adding their own special flavor to each OOTD!

How would you accessorize an all black everything outfit? How do you express yourself through accessories? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

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