Oh, Christmas Tree

Oh, Christmas Tree

Hello everyone and happy holiday season! My family is…eccentric to say the least. We have our quirks and distinctive personalities and I’m confident that people would pay to hear our daily banter. One of our infamous “parlor tricks” is leaving our Christmas tree up for just a little bit longer every year. First it was March, then June, then July…you get the drift. And now, our tree has just been up all year because, apparently, we like it too much to take it down. Take a look:


My family, especially my father, loves ornaments. On vacations, I normally treat my dad to a new one as a special surprise from our travel destination. Our tree is filled to the brim with lights and baubles and it has become such a statement piece in our home that no one really questions it anymore.

Not only has our tree been up for a year now, but we decided to decorate it for the different holidays, as you can see by our Easter bunnies and eggs that are still up. We revel in our ornaments from organizations that we donate to, and we can’t pass up a good bargain. For example, the speaker that you see by the figure skater ornament (Compliments of when I competed in New York!), is attached to a four dollar strand of Rudolph themed ornaments that sing holiday carols. We were all pretty pleased with that one!

The never taken down tree in our living room has truly become a Mushenheim staple and I think that it’s hilarious. Much like a collector of coins or stamps, we take pride in our ornament collection and have it proudly displayed for the world to see…all year round. Lololol. #ohchristmastree

What is one of the quirks that you and your family share? What is the longest that you left your Christmas tree up? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

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  1. How fun, love the photos and your words! During the mid 1960’s and early seventies our extended family had a gag going on for years where the recipient would never know who they are.They would get a beautifully wrapped box complete with all the fancy wrappings. Inside was an old, crumpled and torn paper bag. How this all came to be I’ll just never know…Lost in time.


  2. omg that tree is so blooming cute that I wouldn’t want to take it down either lol
    Also, is that a dog dressed as santa for the christmas tree topper? Amazing! haha


  3. So cool! I always wanted the tree up a little longer but my mom takes it down THE NEXT DAY. Which probably sounds like a nightmare to you!


  4. I LOVE this! My Mom usually keeps it up until February or March (usually coincides with Lent) but I wish she would leave it up year round. I actually have a tree in my room at my parents house and it has been left up for the last four years, (I also have a christmas village that I leave up too) just because I am rarely home, nor do I want to bring all of that stuff to the city AND I want to enjoy it and basically because I want it to be Christmas every day! and girl I LOVE your skating ornaments! ❤

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