Feel The Rainbow: The Importance Of Color In The Home

Feel The Rainbow: The Importance Of Color In The Home

Decorating the home is an exciting time. You get to turn a new leaf on the parts of the home that you don’t like. And, with the bits you do like, you can refresh them and make them look new again. But, despite most people’s love for beautiful rooms, most struggle to find colors that suit their space and style. This means that loads of people end up with rooms that they don’t like, even after redecorating. So, to help you out, this post will be going through the importance of color in the home and how you should go about choosing them.

Room Size: Color can have a great impact on a room. It can change the feel, mood, and even the size of a room. And, size is something that you have to consider. Some rooms feel far too big, even when they’re filled with furniture. Whereas, some rooms feel tiny, with no room at all. This needs to be a consideration. Different colors can have different effects on how we perceive the size of a room. For example, a small room would benefit from lighter colors, which make it feel more open. But, huge rooms are better with darker shades, to make them feel a little cozier. Of course, you’re not actually changing the size of the room. Color can just have the effect of doing so. Dark colors absorb more light than lighter ones, which reflect it. This makes a room darker, making it feel smaller. When a room is lighter, it feels more open and large.

Boring, Interesting, or Ugly! Once you’ve figured out the shade you’d like for your room, you have to figure out a balance. It’s easy to have too little color in a room, making it look boring. Likewise, you can also have too much going on, making the room look ugly. But, you want the house to be interesting – somewhere right in the middle. Doing this can be hard. So, it’s usually best to get the help of a professional. Having a painter give you their opinion on the room ideas you have is a great way to start. They see loads of rooms and they know what looks good. They will also be able to help you to complete the job. And, using a professional for painting will almost always have a better result.


Ladders are scary! :((

Choosing Well: Choosing the colors for your home is completely down to you but rooms shouldn’t have more than one vibrant color as a rule of thumb. Neutral colors can be played with a little more. But, it’s usually best to be conservative with what you choose. Use guides online to choose colors that fit with moods. For example, if you wanted a relaxing room, you could choose yellow as the main color. This sort of method will always see that you choose something that you love.

Hopefully, this will inspire you to start making changes when it comes to the decor in your home. It can be hard to make decisions like this. It takes a lot of work, and you have to be confident in your choices before you start the job. But, once it’s all done, you’ll feel much happier in your home!

Featured Image By: Pixabay

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