Being Female Isn’t Easy, But You Can Make It Fun!

Being Female Isn’t Easy, But You Can Make It Fun!

As a woman, you can often feel like life is either on your shoulders or an absolute blessing – we never really spend a lot of time in-between (thank you hormones). Although we have some tough times to deal with, it’s not all that bad. Being a woman has it’s woes – think childbirth, periods, and taking longer to get ready in the morning, it also has it’s highs. When you’re female, you get to have a whole lot of fun and be girly in ways that really highlight the little perks in life. So, if you’ve all but given up on being a girl, these little reminders should pick you back up and perk you up on your (high heeled) toes.

You Get To Dress Up: What girl doesn’t love to dress up? We all did it as children, and sometimes, being able to raid your mom’s closet was the best fun you could ever have. But now, you get to do it all in your own closet – and who wouldn’t want that. Sometimes, we get wrapped up in the idea of looking good and shaming our own bodies, that we forget how fun it is to get all dressed up!

And Play Around With Makeup: If the whole idea of wearing an incredible outfit isn’t enough, we also get to wear makeup, too. To some people, it will be a chore. But, when you have enough time to do it, playing around with makeup is a whole lot of fun. Not only can you experiment with different looks and try out different hacks, but you also get to feel beautiful throughout the entire process.

We Have More Clothing Options: Whoever invented the dress and skirt should be given a medal! Not only does that mean we can explore more options to choose from in the morning (and who doesn’t love options), we also get a lot more choices than men do. Skirts and dress are huge wardrobe staples. They have the power to make you feel girly and sexy and they can be pretty exciting to buy, too.

Feeling Sexy Is Fun: And while we’re on the topic of feeling sexy, let’s talk underwear. As women, we’re well and truly spoiled. Men usually have a total of three underwear options to choose from! But us, we have so much more. Choosing sexy underwear can be just as fun as wearing it. Whenever you’re feeling down, you can buy a new set, like the Freya underwear and lingerie options and completely change your panty drawer game.

And So Is Wearing Heels: Being female really does become the ultimate treat when it comes to fashion. We’ve talked about clothing, underwear, and beauty too. But it all really kicks up a notch when we get to the footwear. A good pair of shoes is all every girl could ever ask for, right? And, flats are great and everything, but, we all have to agree that heels are the best! When you get to wear heels, you not only feel fantastic, but you look it, too!

Featured Image By: Pexels

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