The Young Millennial’s Guide To House Hunting

The Young Millennial’s Guide To House Hunting

So, you’ve decided to break free from the family home. Perhaps you’ve had a taste of the freedom that is independent living while you were away at uni. House sharing is always an option. But do you really want to share your home with others who might create mess, be loud, and a general nuisance? It might be all fun and games at university in your early twenties but as you get on and start taking on adult responsibilities, it really isn’t. Who wants to be kept up until 5 AM by loud music when you have a shift that starts at 9? Who wants to return home to a questionable pile of washing up that nobody will admit is their own? But at the same time, do you really want to live with your parents until you’re 40? Here are a few things to consider when moving into a new place.

Who Will You Live With? As we’ve already mentioned, housemates can be an absolute nightmare. Everyone will have some sort of housemate horror story. So pick wisely. If you can afford it, why not live alone? This may not be for everyone but for the more self-sufficient out there, it may be the least stressful and most comfortable option. If you’re afraid of things that go bump in the night and enjoy some human company while you’re home, then pick your housemates very carefully. Opt for someone you know and trust. Be open about your habits before moving in with each other. Lay out boundaries when it comes to house rules as soon as you move in to avoid petty arguments later down the line. Save yourself the headache and secure yourself a happy tenancy.

Where Do You Want To Live? The location of your new home will make all the difference. It may be much cheaper to live out in the sticks but do you really want to isolate yourself like that? Home can be a lonely place when you don’t get visitors and there aren’t any events on around you. Can you handle the reality of living above a bar or busy restaurant? A rough area may see cheaper rent but will you feel safe walking home there when it’s dark? Make sure that you are completely comfortable in the location that you choose. Even if it means paying a little extra, it’ll be worth it.

What Is The State Of The Property? Always make sure you attend a house viewing. Estate agents can work wonders when it comes to taking flattering photographs of a property. You want to see what you’re getting yourself into before you sign any agreement. Will the landlord make essential maintenance repairs? From leaky to taps to home foundation repair, problems will need to be fixed quickly and your landlord should be up to the task. Is the property free from mold? Are the windows double glazed? You’ll thank yourself for checking when the cold winter months come. Don’t take on a flawed property if you don’t have the means to fix it up. You can end up landing yourself in debt.

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