Hello, Spring Semester

Hello, Spring Semester

Hi everyone and happy Tuesday! Today I start my first day of classes back at Tri-C for the spring semester and I’m moderately excited. (My Abnormal Psychology class which started a few weeks ago is going great, by the way!) I know I posted a couple of articles ago that I would be taking French II this semester but unfortunately, that class got cancelled. Apparently not enough students signed up and yada, yada, yada which I think is a shame. I was so looking forward to that class and improving my French skills even more and now that isn’t going to happen. So if anyone knows of any good learning French programs, please leave me a comment!

Due to French II being cancelled, I had to find a new class to sign up for. Naturally, they only alerted me that I would need a new class a week and a half until the semester starts. Panicked, I had to skim through the classes that were still available and was left with slim pickings of weekend and evening classes and other courses that didn’t fit with my schedule for transporting my siblings. I was so frustrated and ended up signing up for a Film Appreciation course. The class should be fun and easy but it isn’t something that I really wanted or needed to take. I have that class tomorrow evening, so we’ll see how it goes!

Everything for the spring semester just seems to be going wrong. For my Intro to Criminology course, I had to purchase a very expensive text book that came with the access code for all of the online assignments. It was just my luck that when I received the book in the mail, the access code was nowhere to be found. I’m taking the class online and it started yesterday. I looked through the various posts, links, and assignments that my professor provided and the option to purchase the e-book and access code popped up. That sure would have been nice to know when I had emailed my professor about the text book prior to the class starting. Especially because to purchase the e-book and access code from the links he provided was way cheaper. Now I have to brave the crowded and busy campus book store tomorrow to get my access code-less book returned. Yayyyy.

It’s not like I’m complaining…but I’m totally complaining. It’s so annoying/irritating/frustrating when all you want is for something to go smoothly but it just ends up being slightly disastrous. But hey, at least I am going to get everything taken care of and then I should be a-okay. I just needed to vent because these school related problems have been driving me crazy! I’ve also never really had to deal with any slip ups or mishaps during my time at Tri-C so for it to happen now is such a buzzkill! -_-

I’ve said Hello to my Spring Semester but I really just wish I could rewind the past couple of days and have a redo! Where are all of my college kids at? What classes are you taking this semester? What was one of the worst mishaps that have happened to you in college? I wanna hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

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  1. Criminology…too much to type at this unearthly hour but sounds interesting. Here’s hoping everything runs smoothly and you code-less book is reunited with the appropriate numbers.


  2. I’m a dance major and a psych major! So I’m taking ballet technique, modern technique, tech and stage lighting for dance, dynamics of group counseling, choreography II, women and gender studies, & my internship in dance on top of rehearsals 3 nights a week. I’m drowning in work and it’s only week 3 😭😭


  3. I work in higher education and have lots of hilarious (well, now hilarious) stories to share! Right now I’m stalking all the kids on academic probation… practically stalking.

    I’m sorry to read about your French class being cancelled! Were you taking it to brush up on the grammar/vocab? Are you planning to go beyond that level? I’m a language nerd and have a French degree, there are lots of apps and sites that help.


  4. I’ve always wanted to take a Film Appreciation course. That sounds fun. You’ll love Abnormal Psychology. That is… if you have a fun professor. Learning about all of the deviances and disorders are so interesting.


    • It should be a lot of fun! I wish it had more significance towards my degree but that’s okay lol and I love the abnormal psychology class so much already, it’s so interesting! My psychology courses have always been my favorites


  5. This whole post was on point! I’m a first year senior majoring in Social Work, minoring in Psychology. I taking a bunch of social work classes this semester but I took Abnormal psych last semester and I’ve taken Criminology. Really interesting classes! But I know what you mean about the expensive textbooks thing! It’s super stressful and annoying. I’ve changed my major five different times before I figured things out, so my first two years in college were riddled with stressful uncertainty! To all college students out there and to you, may the odds be ever in our favor! LOL!


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