FaceTime Fun!

FaceTime Fun!

Whatupppp. So I recently discovered after over a year of having my iPod fifth generation that I can FaceTime on there! Better late than never, right? My FaceTime experience began when my best friend/soul mate, Kate needed a chat and I couldn’t come over to her place for some reason or another. After about fifteen minutes of technical difficulties, we finally figured FaceTime out and had a lovely Skype-like convo. My favorite FaceTime story though has to do with my darling and dear friend Tyler, who’s in the army and lives in California. Tyler is my Middle Aged Monday cocaptain, my confidant, and someone who I hold very close to my heart. (You can read all about Tyler in my posts “Middle Aged Monday” and “My Friend, Tyler”). I haven’t seen Tyler in over half a year since he began basic training in October and then left for California in January. Before FaceTime (B.F.), we would text and write letters to each other. But needless to say – I still missed him terribly! Thanks to Kate helping me discover that I had the capability to FaceTime on my iPod, I asked Tyler if he had the technology to video chat with me in Cali, and luckily he did! We scheduled a FaceTime date with each other, and my heart was seriously pounding like a drum while I waited for the call to go through – I haven’t seen Tyler face to face in so long and I was SO excited! When we finally got connected with each other and I could see his goofy self, I legit could have cried. Being able to hear him and see him talk was so special to me – texting and letter writing are great, but there’s really nothing like hearing someone’s voice. During our first FaceTime it was mainly just freaking out over actually seeing each other! We decided to make our video chats a weekly thing, so once a week we FaceTime for a half hour or longer – as long as it takes to tell each other all of the news we have from the previous week! Being able to talk to Tyler face to face – or phone to iPod I should say, seriously never gets old. Every time our FaceTime call connects through and I see his face appear on my screen it still makes me feel the way I felt during our first video chat with each other – happy, happy, happy! My favorite thing about our FaceTime talks is being able to laugh with him. I never realized how much I missed his laugh until I got to hear it again! We talk about serious stuff, but a hefty portion of our chats are usually devoted to reminiscing on old inside jokes and making references to our favorite movies that we would watch together during our Middle Aged Monday hang outs. I never knew that something as simple as a video chat could bring me so much joy, but here we are a month later and I still look forward to our talks every week and I cherish every minute of them! I love my Tyler so much and I can’t wait to see him hopefully in the near future!


^^^ Ahhh, these were the last pictures we took together on our final hang out before Tyler left for basic training! So cute!

I hope all of you are having a fabulous day! Who is someone that you love to FaceTime or Skype with? Do you have someone who’s far away from you that you’re missing? I wanna hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

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