Bye Bye Spring Semester!

Bye Bye Spring Semester!

Heyyy everyone! I hope that you’re all having a fabulous Thursday night! Today was my last day of classes for the spring semester at Tri-C, and it went okay, I suppose. I’m not feeling too hot about my final exam for my math class. I’ve never taken a big college exam before and I seriously think that I had an anxiety attack during the test. I went into the classroom feeling fine, but as soon as that paper got in front of me… beuno. I started working feverishly ASAP, but my head got super foggy, I was sweating like no other (and I’m NOT a sweaty person), I was shaky, and I was drawing a complete blank on everything. We had two hours to complete the test, and by the time my head was thinking relatively clearly again a half hour had already flown by. When I saw that that much time had passed already, my ass got kicked into high gear and I started working like no other. Unfortunately the final hour and a half went by on double time, and I barely finished the test. I mean, I finished – but there were three or so problems that were only half way done at best. I walked out of the classroom feeling like shit, I seriously could have cried. My entire drive home my stomach was in knots and I was cold and clammy all over just from thinking about possibly failing the exam and my class. As soon as I got home I flopped onto my bed, because I felt completely drained…I had no idea that taking an exam could take that much out of me! After I rested a bit and my head defogged, I grabbed a sheet of notebook paper and made a list of all of the things that I know for a fact I did right and all of the things that I know I did wrong on the test. Luckily, the things that I aced nearly tripled the things that I felt uncertain about, so that made me feel a lot better. I won’t find out my final grade until Tuesday, so it’s safe to say that I’ll be freaking out until then. But here’s to hoping that I passed the class, which I will need a C or better to do. Fingers crossed! Despite the rocky math exam, this semester has been awesome! I learned a lot, I made some new friends, and I have some damn good grades to show for all of the hard work that I put into my classes. So here’s some quick pics of me giving the spring semester the boot, with a good old fashioned “BYE FELICIA!”


^^^ Love that black and white filter! And believe it or not, that second picture isn’t filtered at all! That funky light bright lighting came out of nowhere while I was taking some shameless selfies, and I’m so not mad about it! As you can see, I’m totally rocking my new shirt from when I saw The Used in concert, I love it so much it hurts. (You can read all about my concert experience in one of my more recent posts “The Used Concert!!!!”)

Pretty please keep your fingers crossed for me that I managed to pull out a passing grade in my math class! And as always, keep the love coming with your likes, comments, follows, and shares! I’d especially appreciate it if you got the word out about my recent posts “Just So You Know” and “Look Like Lil Red” so I can make some extra closet space in my room! Thanks a million and have a beautiful night! Much love. -Sarah

^^^ That basically sums up my feelings on math right now. -____- MARRY ME JACK WHITE! ❤

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