A Lucky Birthday Gift

A Lucky Birthday Gift

Hey gang and TGIF! Today is a fabulous day not only because it’s Friday but because I’m FINALLY feeling better from my god awful flu! Hurray! So April is a fun month because my dad and my sister’s birthdays are super close together. My dad’s birthday falls on the sixth while Kristen’s comes two days after on the eighth. Yesterday I went birthday shopping for my dad at Lowe’s and because of a few recent unlucky incidents that my poor papa had to go through, I knew exactly what to get him!

Two years. Three instances of getting rear ended while driving. Those sentences basically sum up my dad’s unlucky spell when it comes to cruising around good ol’ Akron, Ohio. Unfortunately his third accident happened a week or so ago by some moron running into him on a highway exit ramp. The thing about the entire situation is, that if it wasn’t so goddamn sad and annoying, it would almost be laughable. Like really? Three rear ends in two years? (Every party involved was unharmed every time though, which is all that really matters) That’s bad luck if I’ve ever heard it! So once my dad came home with his busted up car and bad news, I had a stroke of genius as to what to get him for his birthday. My dad loves tending to his many plants indoors and his beautiful outdoor garden in our spacious backyard. Flowers, potted plants, vegetables, herbs, shade gardens – my dad does it all. With that in mind, I looked up different plants that symbolize good luck and learned that bamboo is one of them. I was really happy to find that out because my dad doesn’t have any bamboo plants in his vast collection. After I got the plant part taken care of, I looked into animals that symbolize good luck so I could find a nice ceramic one to put in the garden outside or indoors with the potted plants. I had my heart set on finding a ceramic turtle or frog which I learned was lucky, but there were none at Lowe’s that really screamed out “DAD” at me. While strolling through the gardening aisles I stopped at the wind chime section and found a really beautiful brass one sporting a sunflower and a blue bird. In my good luck research I learned that birds were considered lucky, so I hit the jackpot! My dad loves wind chimes so this will be a great addition to hang on our porch! Here’s a few pics of my birthday purchases for my pops!


So pretty!! Hopefully I can keep the bamboo alive for another three days until I can leave them in my dad’s very capable hands! 😉 This is super pathetic, but I think I already put too much water into their little containers. FML. Anywho, I’m really excited to give my dad these gifts because I know for a fact he’s going to love them! And he’ll get a reminder of how much I love him every time he cares for his new lucky bamboo. A nice bonus from these “good luck” gifts is if they actually brought some good luck to my old man…god knows he needs it!!!

I hope all of you guys have a fantastic Friday and an even better weekend! Until then, I NEED YOUR HELP! I accidentally got an eyeliner stain on a white 100% polyester shirt and I was wondering if any of you had any tips on how to get it out…THIS IS URGENT!!! If you have any methods that you swear by, PLEASE leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

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