Lil Red: A Secret Five Year Old

Lil Red: A Secret Five Year Old

A little known fact about Lil Red is that there’s a secret five year old trapped inside of me that comes out when I’m tired or hungry. Today I had the misfortune of being rudely awakened at eight in the morning by a text from the last person I wanted to hear from, on my spring break none of the less! I was so genuinely angry by this that I just couldn’t fall back asleep, so I’ve been awake and miserable since eight o’clock today. Let me bring you up to speed, I have a really difficult time falling asleep, even with the help of the sleeping medicine I’m on, so if I don’t get an above average amount of sleep every night I turn into an awful human being. You know how when little kids get over tired and they turn into total grouchy nightmares? That’s exactly how I am. 1) I’m exhausted. 2) When I don’t sleep enough, my pills will carry into the day, turning me into a zombie. So today I’ve been running on pure coffee and cigarettes, and all it’s done is make me nauseous and a hot wreck. My fuel of champions has totally curbed my appetite, so by the time I got around to shoe shopping with the lovely Miss Kate this afternoon, I was completely shutting down. I couldn’t even enjoy shoe shopping…and you guys know how much I love shoe shopping. It genuinely made my heart hurt. When I start feeling the evil combo of being tired and hungry, it’s the most indescribable feeling of terrible. It’s like the feeling of an oncoming flu that can only be cured by sleeping for twelve hours straight and eating until your body can’t take it anymore. Luckily I got a little fuel in me of the best kind because Kate and I got froyo after shopping, which was just what I needed. I got vanilla froyo with a lot of fruit on it and it was like the nectar of the gods. It was so sweet and refreshing and enough to make me feel like I wasn’t going to pass out at any second. It’s pathetic guys, like I got home from my lovely afternoon outing with the intention to take a nice hot bath, but by the time I got undressed I was so drained that the last thing I needed was a soak in scalding water. All that would probably do is make me dizzy anyways. And do you wanna know the real cherry on top of this no good very bad day? MY BELLYBUTTON IS INFECTED! So gross, I know, but it’s a story that must be told. SO, I rarely change my bellybutton jewelry because no one every really sees it but me, but with spring on the horizon I thought it would be fun to invest in some new jewelry since crop top season is among us. I don’t really care for very fancy jewelry, so I just snagged a few from Hot Topic. I’ve only ever worn silver jewelry, but I opted for a very cute gold one (and I know it’s not real silver or gold haha) and was super excited to put it in. Unfortunately after about a day of wearing it, my skin got insanely irritated – and it wasn’t just the skin around my piercing that I’ve had for over five years it was my ENTIRE bellybutton. It was inflamed, sore, and it burned like THE DICKENS!! Thankfully I’m on some antibiotics now that have helped immensely even in the day and a half of being on them. Moral of the story: I’m a hot ass wreck. Second moral of the story: Never EVER buy gold colored bellybutton jewelry EVER. Le sigh. I need sleep, Taco Bell, and more sleep stat. Tonight is a Netflix and eating hella food in bed night if I’ve ever seen one! So while I’m wallowing in self pity, please enjoy these fabulous tunes that I’ve been jamming to all day:

^^^ Ugh. I adore quirky-cute Courtney Barnett too much. Such a fun artist!

Alright crew, I hope your day was better than mine! I need some Netflix suggestions, so if you’ve been watching anything good leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -A very sleepy Sarah 😦

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